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Looking for something to do this weekend? Had a long run and now can't get off the couch? Maybe these will keep you entertained. 

 The Avengers: I loved this movie which I did not expect. Sometimes with action films I can take it or leave it. This one got better as it went. This movie had the best portrayal of the Hulk I have ever seen. Mark Ruffalo you rocked it. There is a scene with the hulk that had me cracking up and rewinding at least four times to re-watch and bust up. I give this movie a thumbs up for catching non-comic readers up on story lines and making it easy for non-marvel worshipers to follow along. Rent it, watch it, love it.

Sometimes I love Katherine and sometimes she annoys the heck out of me. She was okay in this. The movie was quick and entertaining though I found her hard to believe as a bounty hunter. I wouldn't cry a river if you miss it. 

This movie went from suspenseful to completely terrifying in about two seconds. I am not up on the whole Aliens movies and I guess this is a prequel to those. Even with my lack of knowledge I was sucked in. This movie is scary so not for little people or big people alone in a dark room. I thought the concept was interesting and those who have seen and are a fan of the Alien movies (assuming there is more than one at this point) will probably enjoy it more. I would give this movie an ehh...maybe. 

 Disclaimer here, I am not a K Stew fan. I think she is kind of annoying (see any of the Twilight movies to confirm, yes I have seen them, no I don't want to talk about it) and am not sure what all the hype is about. That being said I love Charlize Theron so that is what drove me to watch this and I am glad I did (Ms. Theron can also be found in the above mentioned creepy alien movie, but she is just okay in that...though she does play icy very well it would seem since thinking about it that seems to be her niche). I found it entertaining and of course Charlize as the evil queen = amazing. I would say watch this. Plus that hot Australian guy (Thor in Avengers) is the huntsman  = win. I thought visually this movie was pretty amazing. And K Stew not bad either. I would say give it a go.

Speaking of Snow White, Mirror Mirror is the other Snow White movie that came out at exactly the same time as the other one so no one would blame you if were confused about why Snow White seemed to be everywhere. Unlike the other Snow White this one is a less dark, more comical take on the story full of Nathan Lane and a dance number and a brilliant Julia Roberts. I would say it is worth a watch if you are a Julia fan, she does a nice job as the evil queen. There is a cheese factor here and I would say this movie more closely resembles the Disney version and is more kid friendly then the other. If I had to pick one or the other I would go with Snow White & the Huntsman, but both are entertaining enough to watch.

I thought this movie was super cute. I would say give it ago. There are about fifty million story lines full of famous stars which I thought might not work but they make it work pretty well tying them all together. This movie made me laugh, I even teared up for a minute. I would say give it a go but I have never been pregnant so all the parts I thought were funny might not actually be funny for those who do have children. Even if you have never been pregnant we all know people who have and can relate and enjoy one if not all the story lines. Plus Cameron Diaz's arms in this movie are enough to motivate you to start doing push-ups everyday, or at least consider it for a moment before going back to lounging on the couch.

I love Jason Segal. I super, duper love Emily Blunt. I just knew, knew I would love this movie. But then I didn't. It was just okay. I think part of the problem is that it is long - which maybe the title 'five-year' should be a clue to that but I was just not prepared. There were also a couple scenes that just would not end, just kept going and going...enough already. I would not watch it again, but do I regret watching it the first, but I think I should have perhaps gone in with lower expectations. I wouldn't recommend it but I wouldn't not recommend it. I am just very confused by the whole thing.


  1. And I'm just about to walk into the dollar theater for Snow White and the Huntsman right now. Good thing itt doesn't totally suck!

  2. Thanks for these!! I badly need some recommendations! Disappointed about the 5 year engagement as I like the Blunt very much as well.

    I'm assuming you've seen, died and gone to heaven for the Hunger Games? If not, that's my film of the year so far...which may be a little embarrassing.

    1. I loved Hunger Games. I thought they did justice to the book in a tasteful way. I loved the books even more:).

  3. I really liked Snow White and the Huntsman. I've seen the Twilight movies too (shhh!), and for reasons I can't understand, I like K Stew. I really liked her in this! Charlize was awesome, and the Thor guy is more attractive to me with the darker hair in this movie.

    I loved Avengers, too! Didn't expect to, but I did.

    Since we have the same opinions on those, I'll take your advice on the rest.

    1. K Stew is probably just fine. I was just overwhelmed by all the media attention she gets. This would not be a problem if 95% of my life wasn't composed of reading celebrity gossip mags;).

  4. I love when you do movie reviews. I'm interested in Huntsman (never saw a single Twilight movie and don't plan to) and What to Expect. I saw Mirror Mirror in the theater with my daughter. Speaking of all this Snow White stuff - we are STOKED Once Upon a Time returns tonight!!!!! The curse has been lifted!! :-)


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