Let's 10K Shall We

Saturday is a big day. D & I are running a 10k together. Or at least we will stand at the start line together and find each other at the finish. It has been awhile since we have run 'together'.
Not only will we be celebrating life, we will also be celebrating that this race starts a block from our house and doesn't start till 9a.m. The only down side is towards the end of the race I believe we may run right past our house and I will already have my t-shirt at this point so it would be so easy to say hello couch and goodbye run. I ran part of the course this morning and it is a really- beautiful down to Lake Michigan past fields of wild sunflowers and only a little bit hilly but all the hill is at the end- course. Should be fun. I haven't run a 10k in a few years and I believe my time was around a 1:16 but that course was hills from start to finish so I am thinking I can get close to an hour now if not under.

A goal: Under an hour
B goal: hour to hour and five minutes
C goal: avoid heading towards couch when pass my house and finish race.

Recovering from my half is taking a bit longer than usual, I must have really pushed it on Sunday. My legs have felt super heavy and my shins are so very angry. But I was still able to suck it up and crank out an 8 mile on Wednesday morning and a four mile this morning so it can't be that bad. I am trying to get better at identifying when I am the good kind of sore from pushing it and the bad kind of sore as in don't move or you will hurt yourself. I think I claim the my legs are gonna explode I can't run another step sore a little too often as an excuse to be lazy.

So long story short I am learning how to be less lazy. 


  1. 10K is my 2nd favorite race distance. Great job. I am sure you'll make it to the finish line..quitting is not an option! :-)

  2. Wow! A 9 a.m. start time?! That's unheard of around here. Of course, it's a million degrees by 9 a.m. so that's probably why. I've only run one 10K ... it wasn't my favorite, but I'm glad I did one.

  3. Haha, love your C goal :P Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Have fun! I just did a 5k that passed by my house. I thought for sure my family would come outside, but they were too lazy.:) The free food at the end of the race would be what kept me going past the couch.


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