Celebration of Life & 10ks

This morning D & I ran the Celebration of Life 10k that started and ended in our neighborhood. I am happy to announce that this household contains two age group placers. We dominated. Oh yeah.

Okay maybe not dominated but we did pretty good. The race started at 9a.m. two blocks from our house so I got up, remembered to charge my Garmin, sifted through tech shirts to figure out what to wear,
I went with pink
read some blogs.......long, boring, overshare story short 9a.m. race times allow for a pretty leisurely morning especially when you can just walk outside to get to the start. 9a.m. race starts also mean it is going to be freakin hot and the sun will try to melt your organs. After lounging around and eating a banana D & I headed to the start. The race got off to a late start by about ten minutes which bugs the heck out of me. Start on time, my type A just can not handle lateness.

The course was an out and back down to Lake Michigan and along the harbor. They did not close any roads though there were people directing traffic but it was not the safest situation. Drivers seemed to be irritated and take it out by blasting by full speed and super close to runners. Oh I am sorry to slow down your drive to your luxury yacht with my road race. Jeez. Other than that the course was fine, except for the hills, those will forever and always suck.

Per usual I started out way too fast and this was aided by a slight downhill.

1 8:11.4 (weeeeee downhills are fun)
2 8:34.1
3 9:03.6
4 9:30.9 (oh yep mile 1 is catching up to me I want to die)
5 9:18.2
6 9:26.8 (hills, hills, hills, hills)
7 1:53.4 (weeee almost done)
Total: 55:52
I was feeling okay on the uphill until some other woman runner blasted by me like nothing. Rude- doesn't she know she should majorly slow down and make faces of intense pain while gasping for breath like a dying fish. I tried to catch her but it just didn't happen. What did happen is I got a PR, ran miles in the 8's (what??), and place 2nd in my age group. I came in 18th or 19th overall and I think was around 7th woman. Sure it was a tiny, local race but still counts.

Age group medal for the win.

 But if I were going to be honest, the best part about this race are the coupons I got for free frozen custard.
Oh yeah D was there too. He finished right around an hour and placed first in his age group! The fact that he did that with minimal training is ridiculous. People and their gosh darn natural running ability. 
"I just don't understand why you have to train so much? I am skeptical about your tactics."
Gotta say these shorter races are fun. Done in under and hour and enough energy to........oh never mind, no matter what the distance I feel justified in sitting on the couch for the rest of the day watching bad reality television and 'recovering' with swedish fish and wine. Shorter distances just allow the 'recovery' to start sooner.


  1. It's so cool to keep seeing you get faster and faster! The speediness you've gained since I started reading your blog is amazing. You (and D) rock! Congratulations!

  2. Yay! Have you been to culver's before? I would definitely run a race just for that. I hope you enjoy your coupons thoroughly.

  3. Congratulations on placing...again!!! That's total badass!!!

  4. big or small, an age group award is an age group award. Congrats!


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