15 miles & the race that wasn't

I thought I might wake up on Sunday a ball of hurt after my 10k but instead I woke up and felt fine so decided to go on a long run. I ran 15 miles. That is the longest run I have done in a very long time. I went slow, fueled properly and ran into no problems. I had enough energy left to run the last mile in 10:08. This morning I woke up a semi-ball of hurt but not too bad. Hmmmm perhaps I am getting better at this long run thing. The only issue is water. I need a better hydration system. My handheld is just too small. I ran by my car around mile 12 to refill but running by the car and stopping at the car are kind of torture when you have multiple miles left to cover. Mental weakness I guess.
Last weeks workouts:
Wed: 8 miles
Thurs: 4 miles
Sat: 10k
Sunday: 15 miles

This weeks workouts:
Tues: 4mi
Wed: 8mi
Thurs: x-train
Fri: 7mi
Sat: 4 mi
Sun: 16mi

I was able to do this long run in part to not racing again until October. Why not till October? Because I won't be showing up next weekend at
When I registered in February it was pre-life overhaul. In part this is RnR's fault- hey why not have this race on Sunday? Okay it is my own fault for having a new job I can't skip out on on Friday to fly to Denver and for moving, depleating the Bean wants to go to a fun place to run a race fund by moving to a new place. In my mind it was going to be awesome. Family bonding time/ try to convince some of my favorite CO bloggers to have a meet up/ force some Tucsonian friends who will be there to join me in a post-race celebratory beer. But no I will not be experiencing the massive wonder that is a RnR race. I still plan to run RnR Arizona, which is on a Sunday. Arizona friends take note, your presence will be required for pre-race fueling in the Phoenix area on January 19th.

Anyone have any long run hydration suggestions? 
Good Luck Erica at RnR!!!! Wish I was there to cheer you at the finish.


  1. I use my Camelback all the time. I always take water, no matter how long I'm going to be running, and it's super comfy, you don't feel it at all!

  2. I just got an iFitness hydration belt and LOVE it!!! It doesn't move! Check it out! And great job on your 15 miles!!!

  3. Bummer you won't be here for RnR! The weather is supposed to be perfect! I can't run using a handheld. I have a Nathan hydration vest that works great for longer distances.


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