So Sweaty and Foot Rubz

Before I regale you with the tale of how I had the worst long run in the history of running on Saturday lets review the fun things in life. 

First I won a Foot Rubz from Lisa over at Yo Momma Runs. She is one of my favorite bloggers so winning something from her was pretty dang exciting. And then she was all cute and put a note in with the Foot Rubz and I was like 'see I knew we are BFFs for life'. Totally made my day to get a fun package in the mail and Foot Rubz = amazing. Love it. Thank you Lisa for having the awesome giveaway and thank you random number generator for picking me. 

 Second of all got a fun card in the mail from the family congratulating me on new job, moving, etc.with a quote on the front I love so thought would share.

I gotta admit I am a little nervous about packing up all our stuff, moving cross country and landing in a new place and starting a new job. But when I think about it as an adventure I get more excited and less nervous. Life is what we make of it and I am excited to have seasons once again, the chance to explore a new area, meet new people and try new things. 

On to the running fail. So for those of you who aren't total run nerds and don't have a personal countdown ticking away the seconds to the Olympic marathon events the Women's Marathon was on TV today (at 3a.m. and why, oh why is it on this early) so I switched my long run to Saturday. No Big Deal right? Well let us review:
1) Forgot to set alarm, woke up at 5:30 (time usually starting to run or about 30 minutes into depending on the distance) said oh well I am already late what will a few more minutes matter.
2) Woke up at 6:20 in a panic. Mentally curse myself as scramble to locate all running gear I failed to get ready the night before. Spend ten minutes searching for visor that was conveniently located under a box on the fireplace (curse you moving).
3) Decide that if I don't wear awesome compression gear I will die, DIE, on a thirteen mile run. Proceed to shrink wrap self in compression gear, this takes at least ten minutes and results in me breaking into a sweat. No one said looking this compressed was easy.
Yay for Pro Compression and Aspearis Pivot Shorts: No they don't pay me to plug their stuff (I wish) but I really like it  so product placement
4) Slam half a cliff bar and a banana and head out the door. It is now 6:45 and at least 85 degrees and sunny. Head back indoors when realize the light airy feeling is the feeling of having no water bottle and no fuel for a 13 mile run. Fill water bottle, locate GU and head out the door for round 2.
5) Start running and run the first 5.5 miles at 10min pace or under. Sweat A LOT. Stop to fill water bottle and realize I am running way too fast for the distance I want to go in the heat. Find shade to stand in for a minute to try to stop the stream of sweat rolling off my body.
6) Drop the pace to 11 minute miles and try to find all shade on a non-shaded path. At mile 8 realize that I am not sweating as much but am starting to get the chills. This seems bad so decide to cut run short.
7) Hit 11 miles in 1:57 (not a bad time) but feel like death for rest of day since I can not stop sweating. Even after shower, even after afternoon showing of Magic Mike in frozen theater, even after a nap, even while at friends birthday party standing in front of the air conditioner (my friends are nice and pretended I was not a sweaty mess ...or maybe they are just used to it). I sweated non-stop for the rest of the day. 
Oh wait maybe I was sweating for a different reason in the theater

Lesson learned from crappy long run: Set alarm and get your butt out of bed if you expect to do a long run in the middle of the Arizona summer. 
And yes I did get up at the back before the crack of dawn to watch the marathon, though only watched from 4a.m. on and was sad Shalane and Kara were not in the top 3 but man those runners are all so amazing! And then went back to bed.

In other news we had the rest of our house tiled before we rent it out and it looks awesome!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I can't wear compression socks when it's this hot out. I think it just traps the heat in or something. I'm glad you listened to your body but am sorry to hear you felt ill all day. It sounds like a lot of bloggers had troubles with their long runs this weekend so you're in good company?!

  2. Yay! Glad you got your birthday package.:) It sounds like we definitely had a twinner craptastic run on Saturday. And I love that you have the Aspearis shorts with the new logo. You're so modern right now!

  3. Congrats on the Foot Rubz win! At least some things workout in your favor ;)

    haha I have had those days where I just can't stop sweating too. You just have to shrug it off. :) At least you went running! You're part of a small percentage there.

    Good luck with the move and keep us posted!

  4. What a fun package! Congrats on winning!

    I'm glad you are OK after all that sweating. I still need to see Magic Mike!


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