News Flash: Long Runs are Hard

Sunday was my first long run in our new state. I headed to the bike bath and ran 4 miles North into Wisconsin turned around and ran 4 miles back to my car, restocked with a cliff shot and water and ran 3 miles South through Illinois and then back to the car. Gotta be honest, Wisconsin is prettier. 14 miles is the longest run I have done in  a looooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time and man I felt it. It took me 2:40 to get that thing done and the last few miles would be better defined as run/walk. And my stomach was in revolt the whole time. I have no idea why....okay maybe because I was nervous about starting a new job.

I can't believe next Monday I will be racing 13.1 (and by racing I mean trying to run harder than usual, throwing a fit at mile 10 per usual and having an excuse to stuff my face at brunch, oh and a medal, sweet, sweet glorious medal). I also can't believe that 12 more miles (oh don't forget the .2), so 12.2 more miles = a marathon. Do I really want to do that? It seems awfully far.

Pictures from the llloooonnngggg run:

Hello Wisconsin

Hello Illinois

 After running I went straight home stuffed my face, showered, and then put my sexy clothes on. Nothing like compression socks, fuzzy slippers and ice packs. D didn't know he was getting such a prize when he married this lady.

 The rest of the day I wore compression socks and watched it rain. It was sunny, hot and humid when I ran which turned into cloudy, hot and humid with rain.

Today I started my new job and it rocked!!!


  1. Congrats on the loooong run AND the new job! Glad to hear the new job rocked. Kids had their first day back at school here, and it went well (though I doubt it Rocked). I yearn for a long run, but I'll have to settle for hoping to get my stupid boot off next week.

  2. I think it's so cool that you run to the next state! Sorry the long run wasn't great, but you knocked it out and rocked some great fashion afterward.

  3. Great job on the run, it is cool that you ran in 2 states in one day! I'm glad you're liking the new job :)

  4. Great job on your long run. I'm still trying to build up miles and be like you :)

  5. Congrats on the new job. Congrats on the amazing long run. I love your sexy clothes!!!

  6. You can pull off interstate runs from now on! And Wisconsin seems to have some cool runs going on. Csn't think of them right now, but I remember thinking that in the past. Good luck at your half and at your new job! They'll love you!

  7. I wish I could run in two states! Awesome! Glad the new job is going good.

  8. Great Post! And congratulations. I think you picked a winner. Thanks for sharing your thought process and criteria – I know that’s a touchy subject!


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