In the land of no internet

Hello blog world long time no type. I have been busy moving, unpacking and being cranky that we have no Internet in our new house till Friday. I am typing this on my phone and it is the worst ever but wanted to give an update.

We have arrived safe and sound in IL and have been having tons of fun exploring our new home. News flash driving for four days in a moving truck with two dogs is not a ton of fun but visiting family along the way is.

I have yet to run since my leg is still being special but plan to head out tomorrow. We have done a ton of walking and found a long bike trail, large park and Lake Michigan so I am excited to get going. I have also registered for the Oak. Brook half on labor day. Can't wait to add to my medal collection and race in my new state.

I have also realized I need a whole new cold weather running wardrobe and a treadmill. Yo momma runs has identified a marathon for us to do together (and by together I mean I will see her at the finish about two hours after she is done when i finally roll in ) and the answer is yes let's do it!

Till Friday when we hopefully have the interwebs again, adieu.


  1. Yay, you're back! Ok, I'm penciling that one in. Hopefully my sister-in-law doesn't move before then!

  2. Whoa! Major kudos to you for typing that on your phone! I don't think I'd have the patience. Glad you arrived safe and are having fun exploring! Also, I hope your pesky leg feels better.

  3. Damn, if I ran a race with Yo Momma, she'd have time to go home, shower, eat a 5 course meal, and knit a sweater before I'd made it to the finish line!! True Story!!! Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to IL!


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