Happy Anniversary

Well blog, you and I have been at it for a year now. 
Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read my musings. 
Here is to another year of half marathons, marathons (?).... and running fun!

Workout this morning: 4 miles in 42 minutes pretty good for blazin hot and humid temps. Tomorrow 14 miles are on the schedule but we will see. If it super hot and awful, miles may be dropped.

Tomorrow we load all our stuff up and Monday we are off to our new life in Illinois. Excited and nervous and very tired of packing, cleaning and dealing with details. Luckily we found a place to live today and I think it will work out great (fingers crossed, if everyone could cross their fingers that would be great, every little bit helps).

I was super excited that my Sweat Pink Ambassador stuff came in the mail today!

Apparently we will live here for years and move out and never, ever get this mirror clean. On the bright side- tank top is awesome and super soft. Love it!
When the dust settles I will be giving away sweet pink shoelaces. 


  1. Congratulations of your one year blogiversary. How exciting. I have only been at it for about 3.5 months, but cannot believe how much I love it!

  2. ahh im jealous! my stuff still hasn't come yet! i cant wait to get my gear!! congrats on the blogiversary too!! :o) SPALOVE

    1. Thanks! I was stalking the mailbox and did a happy dance when it came:)

  3. Yay blogiversary! Good luck with the move. The tank looks great on you! xo

  4. good luck tomorrow on your run! happy blogiversary!

  5. Yay! Happy 1 year blogiversary!

  6. Yay for Sweating Pink! I still haven't heard word on mine :-(. Wow for the move. Best of luck!

  7. Wait, Illinois?! How did I miss that in all your talk of moving? I have some in-laws who live around Champaign and are always trying to get me to come up and do the Illinois Marathon. http://illinoismarathon.com/ So, sounds like we better meet up.:) Which city will you be in?

  8. Also, moving = my most hated task ever. But the only good part is you can get rid of a lot of unneeded junk.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! I am excited for your new adventures. And BTW, 4 miles in this heat is impressive. I wussed out!


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