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First things first:
The Treadmill Review Guru named me a Get Up and Move blogger. Check out his list of other awesome bloggers at Thanks Treadmill Guru!

Next lets talk about gear. As you may have noticed I have been acquiring a lot running gear. Which resulted in D asking why exactly I needed so many pairs of running shorts when I can only wear one pair at a time. Yes this question seems ridiculous to me too. But it did get me thinking how much of this running gear do I actually need. This question was came up again with the arrival of these
Pro Compression socks in Neon yellow. Whoop
 and a trip to target that resulted in this little number for around $10
D asked if I was gonna put my hair in a side pony tail since it reminded him of the 80s. And the answer is Yes, always yes on the side ponytail. 
Obviously I have a obsession with running gear and can never have enough. And may also fantasize about a walk in closet lined with running shoes but focus. Okay.

So what running gear do I actually NEED.
Shoes. They are number one. If you are new to running go to a specialized running store. Yes you will feel that you are paying an arm and a leg and dropping $100 bucks on shoes can cause an adverse reaction involving a cold sweat and a death grip on your wallet BUT shoes are essential. You are gonna put miles and miles on them. Repetitive motion can take a toll on your body. A good pair of shoes can make running feel awesome. A bad pair can make running feel like death. Once you find a pair that works well for you, you can shop around online and find sweet deals but for the first time go big to a running store.

Ah that new shoe smell, awesome.

Along with shoes inserts might be up your alley. If you pronate in any way a good pair of inserts may be a life saver. They keep me from getting injured. I have low arches so inserts are a must. I use superfeet (the green kind) but like the shoes, your specialty running store will help you find what works for you.

Other than shoes, everything else is probably just fun extras. But if running becomes your hobby I feel spending money on the fun stuff is justified. And as you add mileage some of the extras become essentials.

Garmins. They rock. They are super expensive. But they are awesome. Ask for one for Christmas, your birthday, treat yourself. But they will change the way you run. It is a bit freeing to just head out the door hit the button and turn around when you hit mile 3 of a 6 mile run no matter where you are. Are they essential....No. I used to map my run online before every run but garmins are easier, they track your progress and make you aware of your pace so that is awesome. Of course every once in awhile it is also fun to leave it at home and just run until you feel like stopping, no matter the pace or distance. I use the Garmin Forerunner 110, but shop around and find the one that will work for you.

Fueling during runs. If you go over 8 miles and you are like me and feel hungry after about two miles, fueling for long runs is essential. I usually eat before long runs but after about 8 miles I gotta have something. I like Gu, Others like chews, others like packets of peanut butter. Experiment with types and flavors to find your favorite. And once you find your flavor and if you are like me refuse to eat any other flavor or type. Gu snob. Give me Vanilla cliff shots or give me death.

Trial of Accel Gels prior to my undying loyalty to Cliff shots
Compression. I don't know if there is any science behind compression but I love it. Which may be evident by the multiple pairs of socks and shorts of the compression variety that I own. CEP and Pro Compression are my favorite socks. Aspaeris shorts are great for hamstring and hip soreness. I like wearing them during and after running. I find that after long runs they help with soreness. Essential probably not, available in many colors and super fun, for sure.
Running skirts. I love them. At first I thought they were silly. But there is nothing quite like passing a guy while wearing a skirt. Plus they are comfy, have pockets and look cute. Do you need a skirt, no. But you might want to invest in some sweat wicking clothing. If you have ever run in a sweat drenched cotton t-shirt you know it = no fun. Head to target and get some C9 gear on sale or if you are a socialite/ heiress head to lulumon. Running skirts are my indulgence since they are super expensive. The rest of my gear is race shirts and Target clearance rack. Only the best for this plodder.
Best gifts ever.
Arms sleeves. Not a fan. Though they do come in handy while standing around in the cold waiting for a race. They become infinity more annoying when you are hot and running. Granted I have worn them once so maybe let me try them in a colder climate for awhile before the final judgement.  Essential, no.

Arms sleves, annoying but make for awesome hoedown pictures. 
So long blog, short. Shoes essential. Everything else kind of extra. So D no I don't really need another pair of compression socks or running shorts but they sure do make me happy. And we all want to run happy!


  1. There's a fine line between want and need. The wants are fun!

  2. i LOVE the outfit from target! i get so much of my workout clothes from there! im such a gear junkie too! thanks for sharing! SPA LOVE!

  3. I agree, you don't really need much more than good sneakers but the extras are a nice bonus :) I spend a little more on sports bras but for the most part my workout clothes are from Target too. Although I did splurge on a skirt with capris from Nike for races, I love that thing!

  4. Snicker on the 80's outfit and side ponytail. :D

    I "need" way more than the average person. I get bored and I like to buy all the bright colored obnoxiousness I can. I am wearing the neon yellow pro compressions in my 1/2 tomorrow :D

  5. Yes the only thing essential are your shoes but the other stuff is just so much fun! I LOVE compression socks, my Garmin, and my running skirts!!!

  6. I haven't bought a whole lot of running clothing. I definitely invest when it comes to my shoes, though. Love the picture of you in your sleeves!

  7. I just got my fist pair of compression socks in the mail today! I'm excited to try them out.

  8. looks like you have a good selection of gear! I need some new shoes asap! (:

  9. With that, I'm gonna go put on my compression shorts. Been wearing compression socks all day. One pair for the long run and one pair for after. Totally essential!


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