A pain in the leg & 8p.m. bedtimes

Well my right leg is acting up again so it is getting 'RICE'd for the next few days. No more runs until the Oak Brook half on Monday. Which I am way excited about by the way.

 Hopefully it will be all better. And if it is not I can run on it just fine so it doesn't matter but it would be more pleasant for everyone if it would just fix itself. Because everyone knows that you should always run on stuff when it hurts.
No do not do that. Do as I say not as I do.

Instead of hitting the bike trail for early morning runs I will be hitting my spin bike for the next two days instead. So that is a whole lot of not awesome.

What is still a whole lot of awesome is my new job. But man is my brain tired. So many things to remember. I am gonna try real hard to catch up on all my favorite blogs tonight and stay out of bed until at least ......8:00pm. But no promises.


  1. Boo on the hurting leg! But yay for the liking your job. You are making me want to Google to see if we have any races on Monday around here. Dang it!!:)

  2. Sorry the leg is hurting. I hope it feels great for your race Monday! Good luck! And yay for the new job and liking it!

  3. It's like 'hurting leg' week!! Stupid legs. Hope you're feeling better real soon!

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying your new job, but it's a bummer that your leg's bothering you again. I hope all that icing helps it feel better. Good luck on your half--the Oak Brook Half sounds like a lot of fun! Let us know how it goes.


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