To 5K ...

or to not 5K. That is the question.
Some friends of mine did a 4th of July 5K that I opted out of because I am weak not a huge fan of short distances (and yes weak). It takes me a 5K just to get going usually. I am not speedy (hence the blog title) and definitely not 5K speedy.

But for some reason doing a 5K has been rolling around in my head since it was brought up. I haven't done one in years. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (okay it was 2009 and in Tucson) I did a race for the cure 5K in 30:43. Could I go faster now? In my high school days (now that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way in a dimension were I weighed much less) I could rock out a 5K in 21 to 22 minutes. I know that that is not going to happen but could I get under 30 minutes? I would like to think yes.

This 5K is coming up towards the end of July. It is dirt roads and trails through a Pecan farm. Sounds fun, maybe not the best for a fast attempt but would be shady at least. You are probably thinking just register and shut up about it already. But I told myself no racing this summer. D has even had to remind me that my goal was to train hard and increase distance and speed but no races every time I show him another website of a half that is in July or August I want to do (these are outside the great state of AZ and its triple digit temps of course). It is on a Saturday and I normally run 3 miles on Saturdays so seems like a good fit. But I won't be training specifically for this and most likely will be pumping out 6 miles the day before so is that setting myself up for failure? To register or not? These are the kind of hard life decisions being made around here. Well I have until the 14th to register to ensure I get a sweet shirt for my troubles. Time to mule it over I guess.

What do you think? 5K it or not?

Go check out Yo Momma Runs one because her blog is awesome but on top of that she is giving away an Oiselle London is Calling t-shirt. Awesomeness!


  1. i'm with you- highschool 5ks were handsdown always 21 min or less, now.. not so much. It is disheartening, but at the same time, its nice to run a different distance outside the traditional half marathon every so often. I think you will break 30 min!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And I would do it. It sounds like a beautiful course, and It's just one, right. That's what I always tell myself, but my husband disagrees.

  3. I dislike 5ks too - like you, it takes me that long to warm up! But it could be fun to run on different terrain!

  4. How much is the 5k? I don't normally sign up for 5k's any more but I don't rule them all out. I'm open to the right 5k (can you say Disneyland?)!

  5. I highly dislike 5Ks. I feel like my slowness stands out more in a shorter race. I totally agree that a 5K is a warmup. But, I think you can break 30 minutes! You are getting super speedy!


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