This Streak is on like Donkey Kong

So I may have opened my big fat mouth and gotten myself in trouble today. As you may remember I caught up with the rest of the world a few days ago and joined Twitter. Since then it has opened up a whole new world of people for me to harass  share my wisdom with (oh side note I shared a tweet/ had a twitter conversation- I have no idea what the terminology is but there was an exchange between me and Bart Yasso and I was pretty freakin excited about it because he is one of my running heroes). So today I was twitter stalking as usual when a tweet popped up from the lovely blogger Jac about how she was almost done doing the Runners World streak of a mile a day between Memorial Day and the 4th of July and how she wished it wasn't over because she had really upped her mileage and dropped her time (by like an amazing amount I might add).

So then my stupid brain was like hey I should tweet back and be like 'lets do our own streak cause we are bad a**'s and we can go from the 4th of July to Labor Day. HARD CORE'. Or something like that. And because Jac is nice and really fit and had been streaking for like years at this point was like 'sure no big deal what is 60 more days'. And then I went 60 MORE DAYS and crapped myself a little. I then thought of one million excuses to back out except the Runners World tweets us back and was like you guys are awesome let us know how you do, whooo, runner love. CRAP. Now I feel like the 'big brother' of running is watching (judging, smile for the baby. Ten points if you know what movie that is from) so now it must happen.

Long story short Jac and I will be holding our own streak. It will run (haha run) from tomorrow- the 4th of July to Labor Day (60 long, sweaty days from now). Only rule- at minimum run a mile a day. But hey we are all informal, social media here. So I would say if you move an hour a day, walking, biking, electric sliding...., you can be part of the streak because after all it really just about getting up and getting moving.

So now I ask you a very important question....
Who's with me?
anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

(If it wasn't obvious I do not understand twitter terminology, nor do I care to and it won't stop be from chiming in on your twitter feed. You're welcome).


  1. Glad you drank the twitter koolaid :) If you'll remember, I rebelled for a wicked long time too and finally caved in February...and am now addicted! I would totally do the streak, but I tried the original one and it just doesn't work for my body. BUT, I'll cheer you on via tweets! :)

  2. OMG, this is hilarious. I love your recount of today's events. So true!!! LOL And thanks for the compliment that I'm "fit" but I really don't feel like I am. LOL I'm excited for our new streak!! It's gonna be epic!

  3. Welcome to Twitter. It is... dangerous. I have gotten into more crazy running situations because of it. But I love it so much. And Bart is GREAT on Twitter.


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