Sup 29

Whelp today I turn 29. So that is awesome I guess. I have exactly one year to get in 13 more half marathons. TICK TOCK. I also need to start thinking about a marathon for real, as in which one I want to do for my 30th birthday.

I gotta say it has been a great start. Birthday highlights:
Waking up to flowers and mini-cupcakes= breakfast of champions

Best card ever from my best friend

New running skirt! I am gonna kill the best dressed category at my next half
Wait what do you mean there is no best dressed category.....
Birthday pig cookie jar, it is so cute!

So I smell like something other than sweat

New shoes...are they not just the best color ever! Love that new shoe smell

What is a girl to do if she can't run....why shop of course! Can not wait to spend this!

Thank you everyone for the birthday boxes and birthday cards! I feel very loved and send all the love back at ya!

The other reason I am excited it is my birthday.....the Olympics start in two more days.
Yes I have highlighted the events I want to watch and taped it to the wall. What do you mean 'I am a nerd', doesn't everyone do this?
When I taped this to the wall, D asked 'why'. I replied 'it is going to happen, just let it happen', he shrugged and walked away. Can't wait to watch me some swimming, gymnastics and track & field. oh and THE MARATHON (which I heard rumor is on at 3am pacific what, are you kidding me?

Off to have me a grand ole birthday day!

New birthday shirt= 2 thumbs up


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And there should ALWAYS be a "best dressed" category at races.

  2. Happy Birthday :) Love the new shoes!

  3. Love the Olympics! If Dustin is not down for watching some hot male swim action with you, give me a call. :-) Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Glad I'm already sending you a present.:) Cutest skirt and shoes. I gym sister were spectating she would have voted you Best Outfit. She nominated runners up and everything for the race she came to with me.

  5. Happy Birthday! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!! Love the new running shoes and running skirt!!! I love getting running gear as presents!

  7. Happy birthday! Love the skirt, shoes, pig ... well everything. I hope you're having a fabulous day!

  8. woo woo happy birthday. you got so many goodies today, embrace a new year!!!

  9. Happy birthday!! So many fun presents - and those cupcakes look delish!


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