Sup 29

Whelp today I turn 29. So that is awesome I guess. I have exactly one year to get in 13 more half marathons. TICK TOCK. I also need to start thinking about a marathon for real, as in which one I want to do for my 30th birthday.

I gotta say it has been a great start. Birthday highlights:
Waking up to flowers and mini-cupcakes= breakfast of champions

Best card ever from my best friend

New running skirt! I am gonna kill the best dressed category at my next half
Wait what do you mean there is no best dressed category.....
Birthday pig cookie jar, it is so cute!

So I smell like something other than sweat

New shoes...are they not just the best color ever! Love that new shoe smell

What is a girl to do if she can't run....why shop of course! Can not wait to spend this!

Thank you everyone for the birthday boxes and birthday cards! I feel very loved and send all the love back at ya!

The other reason I am excited it is my birthday.....the Olympics start in two more days.
Yes I have highlighted the events I want to watch and taped it to the wall. What do you mean 'I am a nerd', doesn't everyone do this?
When I taped this to the wall, D asked 'why'. I replied 'it is going to happen, just let it happen', he shrugged and walked away. Can't wait to watch me some swimming, gymnastics and track & field. oh and THE MARATHON (which I heard rumor is on at 3am pacific what, are you kidding me?

Off to have me a grand ole birthday day!

New birthday shirt= 2 thumbs up


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And there should ALWAYS be a "best dressed" category at races.

  2. Happy Birthday :) Love the new shoes!

  3. Love the Olympics! If Dustin is not down for watching some hot male swim action with you, give me a call. :-) Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Glad I'm already sending you a present.:) Cutest skirt and shoes. I gym sister were spectating she would have voted you Best Outfit. She nominated runners up and everything for the race she came to with me.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!! Love the new running shoes and running skirt!!! I love getting running gear as presents!

  6. Happy birthday! Love the skirt, shoes, pig ... well everything. I hope you're having a fabulous day!

  7. woo woo happy birthday. you got so many goodies today, embrace a new year!!!

  8. Happy birthday!! So many fun presents - and those cupcakes look delish!


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