Push Play: Round III

Don't know what do do with the rest of your weekend? More movie wisdom from someone who knows absolutely nothing about cinema. Thank you internet for making us all experts on everything.

A few nights ago I actually ventured into a movie theater to see a movie. This rarely happens as all the people that text and chat during movies make me want to strangle them considering I just gave my left kidney to be able to purchase a movie ticket. But some friends wanted to see Brave and I couldn't resist. Plus it is good for me to not always be a fuddy duddy. I did make them go to the 8pm showing instead of the 10pm showing because there as no way I would be awake at 10pm (see above fuddy duddy reference).
This movie was cute. The best part was probably the main character's hair. As seen above it is similar to what mine looks like in high humidity as far as texture. On screen the detail was amazing. The story line was focused on the mother daughter relationship which was a nice change of pace as in most Disney movies the moms are dead, soon to be dead, or evil. There is enough drama mixed with comedy I think to keep most kids entertained ( I do not have children but often act like one so feel I can pretty safely say this as it held my attention for the hour and forty minutes it ran). Overall I would say see it.

The Sitter starting Jonah Hill
This movie takes awhile to grow on you. At first I was like eh but after awhile I was laughing pretty hard. You have to like Jonah Hill and his humor to enjoy this movie. It is inappropriate at all times but that is what makes it funny, it is just over the top. Not one for the kids but if you are looking for a movie to make you laugh with its level of ridiculousness this movie is for you. If you are ever questioning your parenting skills this movie will also make you feel better about yourself (unless your kids are worse than the ones in the film, then never mind). 

This movie is funny. I laughed a lot, out loud, at top volume. You don't really have to ask me twice to watch a movie with Channing Tatum. Jonah Hill shows up in this one as well and I think is more likable than his role in The Sitter.  This movie pokes fun at itself and that is what makes it so enjoyable. Not a lot of thinking required and the main characters are funny and likable. All you really need for a good time.
And sticking with the theme of Channing Tatum The Vow was not what I expected. I like Rachel McAdams, I like to look at Channing Tatum so it seemed like the perfect film for me but honestly I did not enjoy it all that much. If you also like to look at Channing Tatum I would say throw it in and give it a half watch while you do something else but honestly the story (which is actually based on a true story) is kind of lack luster and I found Rachel McAdams character kind of annoying. I guess overall I would say skip (sorry Channing I still heart looking at you).
At first I thought this movie was a little slow but then I realized that it was supposed to be. This one is a deep one I think. I say I think because I am not too good at picking up on bigger meanings in movies. I kind of just want to laugh or for things to explode. But this movie surprised me. I thought I was not that into it but towards the end I realized I was pretty invested in the characters (as in I actually teared up but take that with a grain of salt because those P&G Olympic mom commercials get me every time). This movie won't dazzle you but was surprisingly satisfying. I would say give it a go.


  1. I loved Brave and hadn't considered the mom thing you mentioned = Disney makes most moms evil, dead or "step mothers". There have been some moms but they take more a backseat (Toy Story is the one I think of!) I also laughed so hard at 21 JumpStreet. I was reluctant to see it because I loved the TV show so hard but I did like the movie. It was good.


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