Plan for the Week

Last week was kind of not great in terms of cross training: 1 day of zumba and one day of yoga. The lure of the couch after work is strong. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, when get home head straight to workout clothes.

Even so I ran 28.5 miles last week including my fastest mile in a long time 8:46. #RWStreakExtreme is going strong.

On the Agenda for this week:
Mon: 1 mile plus xtrain of some kind (maybe strength)
Tues: 4 miles easy and yoga
Wed: 7 hilly miles and yoga
Thurs: 1 mile and xtrain
Friday: 6 miles with 2 at a faster tempo
Saturday: Breeze in the Trees 5K sub 30 minute attempt. Woot Woot
Sunday: LSD 13 miles + napping

Fun Fact: D bought me an iphone. Whooeeee

I immediately had to obtain an otterbox case because it is not if but when will I drop it. So this is what I will be doing with my free time. 

Yesterday D and I celebrated our Anniversary by going to The Melting Pot
where I ignored D and played with my new iphone (I had to check in on foursquare, hello). Just kidding but I did annoy him by taking some pictures

The restaurant put an anniversary card at our table. So cute. But that is it for photos because I was way too busy stuffing my face to take other pictures. A really great anniversary day and thank you to all the well wishers for thinking of us!


  1. Happy anniversary! I love all that yoga in your plan, and where did you get that awesome otter box cover??? I run with my phone in my bra, and I can only do that because of otter box. It still gets a little water in it sometimes, but not as bad as it would. I'm on otter box #2 because my twins destroyed the first one.

    1. I am impressed by your twins. They should be the test for all things claiming to be indestructible. I ordered it off their website. I think they might be new,default,sc.html

  2. I've never seen such a cute Otterbox like that. I'm with Yo Momma - where'd you get it? Happy Anniversary, again. And congrats on keeping up the running streak!! Don't you love seeing your mileage increase??

    1. Check out,default,sc.html for the case. The running streak is pretty awesome, b/c I wake up and I know it is go time for at least one mile. Plus I fear your wrath. J/K but it is motivating to know other people are doing it as well!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I worked at Melting Pot for 2 years, so I can only imagine all the deliciousness you had while getting increasingly stuffed!

  4. Yay! I love my iPhone! Happy Anniversary! (Also, I've never been to the Melting Pot).

  5. Happy anniversary! You look great! And, congrats on the iPhone. I want to join this century soon, too.

    1. Thank you! You should get an iphone. They are instantly addicting:)


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