Naked Dogs and Happy Miles

Week in Review:
Mon.: apparently this was my last rest day EVER (ever being the next 60 or so days). Wish I could have seen into the future I would have skipped the 20 min dog walk and just laid around soaking it up.
Tues: 4 miles in 42:30 and an hour of zumba
Wed: 6 miles of hills in 1:08 and America's birthday. Also the day that #RWStreakExtreme kicked off. Day 1 for me, day forever and a half for Jac.
Thurs: 1 mile in 9:36 with some weights and bands strength training. I almost killed my hamstrings on accident. Apparently weighted deadlifts after sprinting = stupid and will also result in you taking a seat real fast.
Fri: 6 miles in one hour. It was supposed to be easy but then at some point I realized I could run the six miles in an hour or less and making that time goal became my obsession. Done & done so much for slow & easy.
Sat: 3 miles in 31:11 and an hour of yoga
Sun: 11 miles in 1:53. I was 99% sure this run was gonna be a crapper when I woke up but went surprisingly well at times dropping some miles in the 9s and low 10s AFTER I ran the first 4 miles. So weird but I will take it and wish that it happens over and over again.

Mile 1 10:38
Mile 2 10:25
Mile 310:42
Mile 4 10:41
Mile 5 10:28
Mile 6 9:52
Mile 7 9:43
Mile 8 9:58
Mile 9 10:19
Mile 10 10:16
Mile 11 10:30

Miles for the week: 31

Next week's agenda:
Mon: 1 mile for RWStreakExtreme/ zumba in the PM
Tues: 4 miles easy/ maybe some Jillian Michael's 'I am gonna make you cry in 30 minutes' or less dvd action
Wed: 6 miles of hills/ zumba in the PM if I can still move
Thur: 1 mile/ revisit Jillian Michael's and try to cry less
Fri: 6 miles easy/ drink beer PM
Sat: 3 easy miles/ yoga
Sunday: 10 LSD/ ice, stretch, repeat/ nap

Highlights from the weekend:
Took the dogs to the groomers. They were totally terrorized and now they are naked. I couldn't take the level of fur in the house so we had them both shaved. They seem cooler, but more importantly I am happier.
Nellie kind of looks like an alien and is a totally different color.
Max looks the same
 We tried another new restaurant (our goal this summer is to break out of the restaurant rut and try new places and I made this awesome friend who recommended some great places so winning). Roma Imports of America is part restaurant, part grocery and part take-out. 
 You drive up and it seems kind of sketch because it is kind of in the middle of nowhere and doesn't look overly inviting. But inside it is neat and organized and full of tons of Italian goodness.
Cases of frozen and fresh deliciousness 
 D and I decided to eat lunch first and then shop for some stuff to take with us. We started with some goat cheese medallions. One was fried, one wrapped in prosciutto and fig. Both goat cheese heaven.

Bret Michaels approves of this diet Snapple. Thought that was hilarious for some reason.
 I had a goat cheese, sweet potato salad for lunch. So good. D had the biggest sandwich I have ever seen stuffed with meats and cheeses. I should have taken a picture of it but am obviously too self centered and busy stuffing my own face to care about others' meals.
 We emptied our wallets to buy some frozen meals to take with us and I snatched this baby up. It was like a cookie, cake, brownie, scone all together and if I could eat one everyday I would. Probably best that this place is across town from us.

If you live in Tucson check out Roma Imports. Grab some lunch and get some meals to go and die happy.

Now after helping some friends move (which I am counting as a second workout for the day considering the level of sweat involved) I am thinking it is nap time.


  1. I'm cheering your streak on from my recliner.:) seriously, you guys are hard core! And I want to recreate that sweet potato salad!

    1. Salad was so good. Sweet potato should be on everything and goat cheese for that matter. Thanks for cheering us on!

  2. I love goat cheese. It is SO tasty!!!

    1. I would swim in it if I could. Yep I love it that much.


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