My House Threw Up

Things around here have been a little crazy. I have been offered and accepted a job in Illinois....which is in fact not in Arizona so that means moving cross country which equals full scale moving madness and a slight amount of panic. In the past two days we have packed up part of our house, held a yard sale, dropped stuffed off at goodwill and found stuff at the back of closets that we don't remember having. We might be a little bit excited for our new adventure, just a bit.
Does anyone else notice how things must get super messy and out of control before they can get organized or is that just me being crazy? The house looks like it threw up or exploded or something but is slowly getting under control.
Running stuff boxed up- Goodbye year supply of Nuun, see you in Illinois
We haven't really figured out a place to live, or how exactly we are going to get all our stuff there or when exactly I am starting my new job. What I have figured out. FALL RACE SCHEDULE. You know because one must prioritize (and this is really the only thing I have control over at this point).
IL race possibilities:
Oak Brook 1/2 Sept 3rd
Get the credit card ready.....race registration bonanza.

The only race I am not sure of is the RnR Denver due to the fact it is on a Saturday.... tricky, very tricky. If only I could teleport. Somebody get on that.

This week I have worked out maybe once, I have a slight memory of yoga one morning. Other than that it has consisted of hauling furniture, boxes and sweating in the AZ heat. The good news is my leg is feeling better. The thing I have found that helps the most is balancing for a few minutes on one foot on a pillow a few times a day. There must be a weakness in my leg somewhere so hopefully this weird fix will work long term and Monday is back to plodding along. 


  1. Welcome to Illinois!!! What's your job? I've been enjoying your blog, you crack me up. Look me up if you're ever near Bloomington/Normal - we can reminisce about moose and certain former professors and classmates ;)

    1. Totally! We are moving to the Waukegan area. If you have any Illinois advice please send it our way!

  2. I can't believe you're leaving. I won't have a fellow AZ Running Blogger to appreciate this fabulous heat and trying to train in it! I am excited for your new adventures!


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