Hill Slayer

Today I had one goal.
GOAL: Run to the top of the hill that I always stop and walk on.
And you know what I did. I freakin ran it. Bam and might have done a happy little jig at the top of it (here is hoping it was too early for anyone to be watching).
I upped my hill running workout by one mile and it felt pretty good. Once I conquered the hill I was kind of unstoppable because I felt like a bad ass. I also saw two tarantulas and a pack of coyotes so the feeling of nature being hostile was there and may have resulted in my running a little faster back to my car. Running in the desert....it is so fun?

I plugged in my garmin to provide you all with the amazing graphic displayed above and started checking out my other workouts (I normally only look at my half marathons unless I feel I have done something super impressive like conquer the Biggest Hill in the World). Guess what I found- a progression run that I didn't even try to do
Hey so that is cool. I like it when a great run comes together without even trying.

In other fun running news my Pro Compression socks came in the mail.

And they are all kinds of awesome. Fit perfectly (they seem to run a little on the large size, I ordered s/m and I am pretty tall and they fit just right so make sure you follow their size chart if you order). I got them for half off from their sweet 50% code they sent out so make sure you sign up to get email from them to alert you to their awesome deals if you are interested. Kind of wish I had ordered more.  One in every color, one for every day of the week....my running attire/ gear obsession may be getting a bit out of control.

Now off to conquer one of my goals for the week: do some cross training- yoga time. Think I can wear compression socks for that?


  1. Your rocked those hills, girl! Hills scare me. As do tarantulas and coyotes.

  2. Congrats on the hill! And yay for the socks! I just ordered a few more pairs myself :D

  3. I love staring at Garmin charts! Tarantulas and coyotes!!!! No thank you to both!

  4. Nice job on the hill work! I need to blog about some hill work sometime (www.jimpattillo.com). It's a pretty good bang for your buck workout wise!

  5. Awesome run!!! I love that you did a little jig. Who cares if anyone saw you!! LOL


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