Confusion and Calories: I has them

First just to clear up any confusion for those tracking the #RWStreakExtreme, Jac is the awesome one not me. She is the one who has been streaking since Memorial Day. I am just the person who egged her on to keep going and do a July 4th to Labor Day streak with me which started yesterday. 

So just so we are straight, Jac = hardcore run streaker, Bean = person with a big mouth who committed to running everyday for 60 days when I normally have two days a week of doing a whole lot of nothing.
(and then Jac threw out the idea of streaking for a year, and I was like I will think about it while I shook my head and mouthed no freakin (or some version of this word) way, but now I am intrigued. Could I run everyday for a year...... interesting thought.

That being said day 2 of #RWStreakExtreme was 1 mile in 9:36. Going strong, oh yeah.

Up next calories:
If you live in Tucson go to the Pasco Kitchen happy hour. Just do it

$5 entrees that are delicious (see above nachos) and $5 fancy mixed drinks that are also delicious.

If you live in the AZ area and shop at Fry's search for the Last Call deals in the liquor aisle.
All this sweet vodka goodness for around $15. A steal of a deal. I will now be carbo loading with potatoes...the processed kind.

I have weird obsession with Subway. The problem is I drive past it on my way to work everyday and then think about it all morning until I have negotiated with myself to go get it.
I even went and got a salad. Who goes to Subway to get a salad? Uh this crazy. Could I get a little more dressing on that.....the Subway lady got a little crazy doing dressing art. This is going to have to be dealt with. I also drive by Burger King so I guess it could be worse.

Yesterday it rained hardcore here

 So I napped (and totally forgot about a BBQ I was supposed to go to) and had to celebrate by poppin open some bubbly and toasting the U.S. of A.  Happy Birthday America.
 and watching fireworks on TV. So much more comfortable than outside. Win.


  1. I don't live in Tuscon, but I really, really want to go to that happy hour. Yum.

    I have a similar obsession with Subway. I find myself dreaming about it at my desk, and I must go get it for lunch.

  2. I love you guys! 60 days is amazing, and I would have just looked at my shoestrings if anyone tried to convince me to do that. "Um, what? I think one of my kids is crying. Better go check that. I'll get back with you on that streak biz."

  3. Oh...there seems to be confusion about the 1 year thing. That wasn't my idea either. That's someone else on Twitter trying to egg that on. I read that and had a similar reaction to yours, "Are you f'in kidding me?!" Ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Thanks for the tip about Fry's, I'll have to look in the aisle for "last call" because I haven't seen it. I, too, prefer to carb load with processed potatoes!


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