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First off. I won some free stuff from Chocolate Milk. While I had my fingers crossed for a lifetime supply of the stuff, I ended up with a gift card to use at their online store. Yay for sweepstakes and yay for winning!

Tote bag

Sweatshirt jacket
 Thanks to Chocolate Milk and the nice lady who deals with special people such as myself when they realize a month after they got a notification email that they had won that their code had not come via email. When in fact it had but had been eaten by the my spam folder so she had to go through hoops to resend me the code.

Other stuff that came in the mail. These little pretty's.
And by little I mean they come out of the bag barbie size but due to the high concentration of unicorn hair involved in the making they fit every time.  #Magicpants

Due to the sweet coupon code I came upon I got two pairs for the price of one and free shipping. For those of you who may not know Aspaeris Pivot Shorts help you keep muscles aligned and compress in all the right places. Good for the injury prone such as myself and for those doing a lot of mileage. Or for those who like shiny red pants. I will be honest I didn't know if I would like the red. But it is awesome.

Awkward mirror picture. Quality blogging right here.
Today I went for a run after 8 days off. It was awesome. 4 miles in 40:40. I think part why it was so awesome was my flamin red shorts. 

Thumbs up for back to running
If the sexiness is too much for you, just look away

Tentative: rest of the week:
Wed: 7 miles
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 6 miles
Sat: 13 miles so can get up early Sunday to watch the marathon
Sun: 3 miles
And stretch, stretch, stretch and ice, ice, ice, and roll, roll, roll.


  1. Oh man...I wanted to get those shorts when I saw the offer but..stupid unemployment deems that would not have been a wise purchase. Boo!!!! But glad you got them!! Congrats on the run...and your sexiness was not too much for me, I continued to stare!

  2. Oh man you crack me up. That is smart about the shorts, they seem to have deals often so you can get some next time. I may have reached the level of husband tolerance for running stuff purchases lately so that is about to come to a screeching halt.

    1. Good to know they have deals often. I will keep my fingers crossed I can purchase a pair in the near future.


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