Weekend Randomness

Random stuff.....

Apparently when you go to work, and workout twice a day and wear multiple pairs of pajama pants in between it creates a giant mountain of laundry.
Grrr folding and putting away laundry is the worst. Can't I just keep buying new stuff.

Had 8 miles on the schedule Sunday but ran 11. Feeling pretty spectacular about myself. Weekly mileage at 
(drum role please)

I wore my compression socks and running skirt for my run this morning and somehow that just makes it more official and fun. I just feel sassy in my racing gear.

Speaking of sassy. I love, LOVE, quail.
I see them practically every time I run and for some reason that feather on their head reminds me of a hat and they always sashay along as I run up with their head feather bobbing and I think they look sassy. And freakin baby quail. The cutest.

These two have been under my feet all weekend. What do you want from me?

Workouts last week:
Mon: zumba/ 4 mile run
Tuesday: 30 min walk/ muscle pump
Wed: 6 mile run/ 30 min bike
Thur: 30 min walk
Friday: 8 mile run
Sat: zumba/ 30 min walk
Sun: 11 mile run

Workout plan for this week:
Mon: zumba
Tue: 4 mile run/ muscle pump
Wed: 6 mile (maybe speedwork)/ zumba
Thurs: muscle pump/ walk
Fri: 8 mile run
Sat: zumba/ 30 min walk
Sunday: 13 mile run/ maybe power yoga


  1. Wow!!! Congrats on your weekly mileage!!!

  2. Awesome weekly mileage!

    Love the skirt and socks. I think I need a skirt. My black capris are getting a little boring.

    I get that look from my dog, too ...


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