Track Party

Yesterday I decided that I didn't really want to run hills again (that is happening again on Saturday) so to the track for some speed work seemed like an okay idea.
At work yesterday I came up with this super inventive speed workout. Amazing I know. The house I am staying at is conveniently up the street from a of course I drove there. I was not really with it at 5:30 am. 

 And then I ran pretty hard for me. When I first got there a run team was using the track so I tried to stay out of their way and not get trampled. The fact that they were all over 50, way more fit than I am and throwing down probably 6 minute miles didn't make me jealous at all.
1 mile warm- up: 9:40 (pretty quick for me, motivated by the run team I guess)
4:11, 4:26, 4:32, 4:17, 4:17 (switched directions after run team left and had my own private track) 4:27, 4:28, 4:41 (apparently switching directions caused the track to get longer?)
1 mile cool-down: 10:10
Well it would be nice to say that I rallied for the last 800 and blew it away but that obviously did not happen. Since I haven't run on a track in probably over a year I think this was a good start and if I continue to do speed work like this it would probably be a good thing. Some goals for future track sessions
1) Get there earlier so I don't get so hot (by the time I actually got running it was close to 6am and close to 80 degrees
2) Be more consistent, not start out so fast and finish so slow. Start strong and finish strong
3) actually do speed work more consistently 

Pretty pleased with my self for a) doing speed work  & b) not throwing up the banana I had eaten.
 I am probably the only nerd who shows up at the track with a notepad and a pen because I can't figure out (i.e. refuse to read the book) how to get my garmin to do laps.

 After sweating buckets I had to Nuun it up. (My friend Jen pointed out that I should apply to be a Nuun athlete since I already talk about it all the time and hosted my own giveaway already. I think I will throw in an app. since that would be totally awesome. Never know until you try).  Running in AZ in the summer is its own special kind of torture. 

 Even though the last thing I wanted after the track was more exercise I went home and grabbed this hell hound. Apparently if you don't walk her multiple times a day she is a holy terror. And even then there is no guarantee she won't spend half the day barking at nothing, trying to herd me around the house and literally trying to stick her nose up my butt. Not sure what she is hunting for back there but I am getting tired of it. Luckily for me and my butt she goes home today.
 At least it is a very pretty walk.


  1. ha ha ha, I cracked up about the dog and your butt! Awesome!! I agree about training in AZ during the summer. I think we should earn medals just for training and not quitting when the temperatures get like this. Ridiculous! I drank two glasses of Nuun after my Saturday 9 mile run. I was so beyond thirsty, Nuun made me feel human..kinda!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of 800s! I did five today and felt like dying. But it was fun in a tortured runner soul kind of way. Plus you were in the heat. Ugghh!

  3. Amazing job on the speed work!

    I totally feel you on the Garmin. Mine probably wouldn't be functional without my friend. I made sure to buy the same model so she could set it up and tell me how to use it. I hate manuals! I just want to pull stuff out of the box and use it.

    As Nuun newbie (thanks to you), I have questions: do you drink it before, during or after your run? Or all? I've been using it after, but I thought it'd be good to hydrate with it before heading out in the miserable heat.

    1. Thanks dude! As far as drinking Nuun I drink it after but I am sure before would be good too especially if you are like me and sweat out a salt block while running. They have a new product that is called Nuun all day I think that is meant for hydration whenever. Haven't tried it yet but might want to check it out too.


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