Time to Head Home

I have killed two giant spiders during my time babysitting the mansion. I think it is time to head home.
No, just no

Flip flop/ spider eliminator- now what do I do with this shoe- burn it?
It rained today
It feels so nice outside, you know when it is not 107.

After dinner I wanted something sweet and opted for watermelon over an ice cream bar...

I began to wonder if I was ill or something, but gave it an hour and ate the ice cream bar too
All is right in the world. 

Run this morning: 3 hilly, hot miles (80 degrees at 5:30a.m.)
Run tomorrow: 6 miles of hills (thinking that a 3 mile double loop might be in order, maybe the cool weather will stick around until tomorrow morning).


  1. Cool weather?? Send that some coolness up north! LOL It's humid this AM, so yucky!!!

  2. i recently moved into a new apt that is in a woodsy area-- aka spiders galore. I bought these plug ins that keep spider and other bugs away-- miracle workers i tell ya


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