Plan for the Week & Reflection

This week I vow to buy a group fitness pass and get my butt moving in different ways.

Monday: AM: 4 mile run, hip exercises, stretching PM: zumba (my friend is teaching this so it will be twice as fun)

Tuesday: AM: biking/ yoga/ Jillian Michael's cardio hell or nothing PM: Muscle Pump class (lifting weights to music is basically the class description)

Wednesday: AM: 6 mile run, hip exercises, stretching PM: zumba again

Thursday: AM: biking/yoga/Jillian Michael's cardio hell or nothing PM: muscle pump again

Friday: AM: 6 mile run PM: nothing- drink beer

Saturday:  there is a zumba class at noon I may go to or I may nap, tricky

Sunday: AM: 8 mile run PM: power yoga

This all seems fairly ambitious and I am sure by Wednesday morning my body will be difficult to get out of bed with the new classes I will be taking.

Today I went for a six mile run and my hip felt better. I ran it slower than normal and even turned my Garmin so I couldn't see the speed I was going and had a lot of fun on my run, listening to some new music, seeing wildlife- coyotes, quail, lizards. This got me thinking, somewhere in running all of those half marathons I got too focused on the next race, the next PR, the next try for a high mileage week and lost the fun part about running. Just being out there and having fun. Every run I would have my Garmin spitting out mile splits and feeling bad if I didn't keep the pace around where I thought it should be. Often coming home from a run feeling frustrated. And after awhile instead of getting faster with all of this running I have started getting slower. Some of that is due to the heat. Sometimes it is in the 70s at 5 a.m. here but I think some of it is that I was just pushing too hard.

So for a few weeks I think I am just gonna run. Slow things down and not worry about getting faster (I still want to break 2 hours at the half, but more importantly I want to continue to love running). I will have some mileage goals but while I am out there I will run at whatever pace I feel like. I will slow down when I want, speed up when I want and even (gasp) take a walk break when I want. I have nothing to train for (RnR Denver isn't until September) and want to get back to running because I like to run. And maybe this way of training will, in the end, make me faster. Or maybe it won't. But that doesn't matter. What matters is I keep getting out there and finding my running zen.


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