One Lovely Blog Award

Katelin over at HealthyFatKid nominated me for a One Lovely Blog award which is pretty dang cool. I am still always a little bit surprised when people who are not related to me or tied to me through a contractual document that says we are legally bound to each other forever, FOREVER (Yay marriage), read my blog. So yeah pretty freaking awesome!
So apparently there are some rules involved which I yanked from Katelin because I am that lazy.
- Link back to the blogger who nominated you (check)
-Paste the award image anywhere on your blog (check, see above also yanked)
-Share seven(!) facts about yourself (harder than I thought, check)
-Nominate other blogs you enjoy for this award (easy, done & done)
-Post a comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know of their nomination (will do)

Now I have to come up with seven facts that are maybe a little bit interesting, but I make no promises.

Fun awesome fact # 1)
I lived in Anchorage Alaska for two years. And was best friends with Sarah Palin

Front yard visitor

Our car!
It was kind of intense with the snow, wildlife, dark all day winters, light all day summers. I had several run-ins with moose while running, bounced off a bear's behind while hiking (black bear that just kept moving along) and generally am pretty happy to still be alive. I feel if we had lived there any longer I might not have survived.

Fun fact #2)
I have 8 million degrees. Okay I have three. One BA, and MPA and an MA. I was working on my PhD but have recently decided to go in a new direction. That direction being......not finishing my PhD. After some sleepless nights, serious thinking and one break down in my super awesome adviser's office I made one of the most difficult decisions to date in deciding that I was not happy with what I was doing and wanted to make a change. And Bam I made it and it is kind of scary right now while I regroup and try to move in the direction I want to be, but I am happy with my decision and excited for the future.

Fun fact #3)
I knew I wanted to marry this guy after about three days.
Let them eat cake
Best decision of my life.

Fun fact #4)
I hate coconut and cole slaw. Bleh. I just threw up a little bit typing that.

Fun fact #5)
I am amazingly uncoordinated. I wasn't always this way. It seems to be getting worse with age. I can't walk in a straight line or avoid tripping over myself or other things. I am hoping that taking some fitness classes that require me to move in directions other than forward will help with this. Zumba totally kicked my butt today so I have fingers crossed I get more coordinated as I am forced to do some lateral movements. 

Fun fact # 6
I learned Persian Farsi while in the Army. Can't speak a word of it now. Except "I can't speak Farsi well because I never practice". 

Fun fact #7
I have two sisters and two brothers and I am the oldest. So responsible and wise.

Funny enough the other day while I was running I got to thinking about bloggers whose blogs I love who I would want to go on a run with to chat it up. Of course many of these awesome runners would have to slow down so I could gasp out my questions but in my mind we have a total blast ( and I can crank out 7:30 miles, hey this is my dream). 

Nominations: Blogs that Rock My World (and who I want to be besties with in real life)
Lisa at Because I Can: relay extraordinaire and total speedster
Becca at 50 marathons in 50 states: she is in Peru... running a marathon...awesome
Yo Momma at Yo Momma Runs: witty and super fast, plus 4 kids, not even sure how she does it
Heather at Just a Colorado girl: besides running she also scales mountains, has skills at winter sports, and gets to live in my home state (not jealous at all, AT ALL). 
Katelin at HealthyFatKid: she had me at "inner FatKid" and totally kicks running's butt
Jina at Behold the Turtle: we are both obsessed with Jessica Simpson and other celebrities, hate treadmills and both have (try to) embraced the slow and steady. Only matter of time till I awkwardly demand a meet up at some sweaty, humidity filled half marathon in Florida. 

Head over to these lovely ladies blogs and check them out. 


  1. You were amazing at Zumba for your first time! Keep coming and you'll be even better :)

    I also read/stalk your blog and love it, so there's someone else? haha!

  2. I love the picture from your wedding. It's adorable! Congrats on your nomination!

  3. LOVE the wedding photo! So adorable.

    And, thanks so much for the award! I think you rock, too!

  4. Come to AL so we can run together! That is such a sweet wedding picture. Also now we are all wondering what direction you chose instead of PhD!!!


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