Mr. Chang's

Friday AM I did an 8.5 mile run and it was kind of sucktastic. Not sure what my problem was....actually I do. It was already warm out at 5a.m. and my lip was still swollen so I felt like it was just flappin around the whole time cause I am dramatic like that. But I ran anyways and felt good about it later because I knew I was heading to P.F. Chang's for dinner aka the land of 1200 calorie meals.
I wore my Run with the Roosters tank which made me feel a little better about running cause it is just ridiculous looking. (It is also a ridiculous race in the middle of July in Tucson that starts at 5:00AM near Old Tucson Studios and ends up being the longest 5 miles of your life because it is a little hilly and a lot of hot. I would recommend everyone do it once since the feeling of 'yeah we are runners and we are a little crazy' is strong.)

In preparation for my dinner consumption I tried to keep things light so for lunch I had some yogurt but then was hungry like 20 seconds later so also ate one of my emergency 'I am gonna kill someone if I don't have a snack right now' protein bars from my secret stash in my desk drawer. Good to have on hand to keep coworker relationships civil at all times.  

I bought these because there were on sale and had more protein than most but less calories than others. This one was 180 and the other flavors are 200. Not great but not bad if consumed in moderation. They taste....okay. Okay enough to be consumable but not great enough were you are excited to eat another one.

To the main event. For dinner I met my friend (who also used to be my supervisor, best supervisor ever) to catch up and chow down. I had the mandarin chicken and a cup of pork wonton soup, couple of the lightest items on the menu but more importantly we split this little beauty. 

I feel that all desserts should be the size of my head. They just taste better when they are ginormous. Great dinner + great friend= awesome evening. She even brought me a gift to celebrate the end of the semester. I brought her nothing except the torture of listening to me for a few hours over dinner. Not cool.

 One Britto statue (artist who I love, such fun colors, and it is an elephant my most favorite animal in the whole world). 

 And this awesome bracelet.
A great Friday night.
The maybes of the weekend. Maybe zumba Saturday, maybe power yoga Sunday. For sure long run Sunday.


  1. If you ran 8.5 miles Friday, what is your "long run" Sunday? Damn!!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed at the 8.5-mile run with the heat and the lip!

    That elephant is so cool! Love it.


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