Month in Review: May

Oh man was May ever a bust in the mileage department.
Mileage: 40.5

Half marathons: 2
Palos Verdes

Cross training: tons of walking/ some lifting/ some yoga

Number of graduations missed due to illness: 1
Days spent in hospital: 2
Number of mysterious viruses: 1

Number of new shoes obtained: 2

New running song I love: Rihanna Where Have You Been

Number of fun visits from family: 2
Days Max the wonder dog looked cooler than me: 31

Overall a pretty good month. Could have done without the illness but I guess we take the good with the bad.  For June I hope to fit in more fun running, do more cross training, and avoid any and all illnesses. Oh and not die of heatstroke.

Days 100 degrees or more in Tucson in May: 4
Days 90 degrees or more in Tucson in May: 23
Yep I guess we voluntarily live here.


  1. That's a bummer about the illness, hospital and missed graduation, but I'm glad you're better! I know you'll rock out more running without a pesky hospital stay. I'm super-impressed you still ran two half marathons!

    Your dog is so cool!

    Yikes. It's really hot there, too. I don't want to look at the stats for Florida. I know it's bad ... with 99.9% humidity.

  2. It's definitely warming up here in Arizona. I certainly hope you avoid all illnesses!!


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