I apologize muscle pump class

for two Thursdays in a row I have ditched your 5p.m. sweet muscle burn for my couch. It is not that I do not enjoy being unable to move my arms for two days after your 45 minutes of pure torture, it is just that for some reasons Thursdays just never work out (ha ha work out workout get it, get it :| ).

 But at least this time I have a better excuse and there is no takeout involved. Today I had to have a biopsy of a thing on my lip (nothing serious just an injury that wouldn't heal/go away and was getting too annoying) and it is all swollen and painful so that is my excuse. Cue sad face (with glorious glistening skin, thanks Tucson for the 105 temps).

So instead of working out I sat around reading this junk
I have no idea why I get Better Homes & Gardens or Woman's Day, they just show up in the mail. Now Runner's World, that is on purpose. 
and may have treated myself to some of this junk
Sup fro yo I love you
and am now going to enjoy this delicious dinner

And tomorrow I am free and clear to workout again and eat it up (only chewing on the one side of course).


  1. The thing on your lip looks painful! Hope they get it figured out so you can get the proper medication for healing!! Ouchy! And it was 101* here when I went out for my 1 mile run at 7:30 pm. Yuck! And "monsoon" season starts tomorrow - bring on the humidity!

  2. We also mysteriously started getting Better Homes & Gardens. Pretty soon they'll expect me to pay for that. It's quite possibly the worst magazine ever, so I'm considering begging them to stop sending it. But that would take effort, and I'm lazy. Hope your lip is better soon. That would be annoying!

  3. I bet the thing on your lip is annoying! I think you deserved the fro yo.


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