Holy Olympian

This morning I wanted to do a little speed work. Since this feeling never hits I went with it. Yesterday I drove past the closest track thinking 800s would be the way to go but it was all ripped up and large machinery everywhere so that was not going to work. Instead I decided to run my normal 6 mile route doing 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles at around 9min/miles and then a mile cool down. Easy enough. Of course my arms were totally dead from muscle pump and were no help during this run. I run part of this on the Rillito River trail so it is mostly flat.

Mile 1: 10:30 (warm-up)
Mile 2: 9:03
Mile 3:9:04
Mile 4: 9:13
Mile 5: 9:15 (.4 uphill so pretty pleased with that though did almost die at top of long, gradual hill)
Mile 6: 10:22 (cool-down)

Now if you look at mile 4 you notice it is a little slower than the other two in the 9s. Now I will admit I was getting tired at that point, but I really think the Olympian sighting is what slowed me down.

Yep I am about 99% sure I saw Bernard Lagat on the river trail.

 I saw him running and his coach (Coach Li?) on a bike from a distance and thought that person looks professional. You know, tall, willowy, muscles for days, ready to burst into 4 minute miles at a moments notice. As I got closer I was racking my brain for professional runners in the area that I read about and yep just watched this guy run the Bowerman mile on TV at the Prefontaine Classic. SO freakin cool. So I slowed as I realized I was in the presence of greatness to stare like an idiot. And then they both nodded and said good morning. Bout peed myself. But did manage to say good morning back. Then had to make the decision to be a weird creepy stalker and turn around to watch him run off or to keep going. I decided to not be creeper and keep going with my workout. So glad the track is all torn up so I ended up on the river trail.

So freakin cool. Needless to say I plan on watching the 5,000 during the Olympics and have fingers crossed for him. Awesome morning,

6 miles in 57minutes. Zumba tonight.


  1. That is SUPER cool!!!!!! I've seen a runner on the trail near me that is tailed by 2 people on bikes. I'm not sure who he is or what they're doing but he's super friendly and I almost cry when he tips his hat at me!

  2. how AWESOME. I was in awe when i ran the RnR San Jose and passed Meb on the turnaround... such a feeling to be around greatness

    1. Wow that is so cool! It is always like, huh they are real people, weird. :)

  3. That is SO cool! And, you rock! You did some awesome speed work.

  4. Yes, Coach Li! I just read an article from an old Runner's World about him. That's so cool! He's amazing and still going. I'm super jealous you saw him.

    1. So I guess Coach Li is a coach at the University of Arizona here. Those are some lucky runners!


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