A Day and a Half

Today has been the craziest day.

1) Fun mansion, pretend I have money time is over. Back to the poor house. Unfortunately that meant schlepping my 18 tiny bags I had packed back home. Why did I not just pack one large bag? Sometimes I wonder about myself
The trash bag suitcase takes the classiness of any situation up a notch
Not pictured: 2 more tiny bags full of who knows what

2) I tweaked my knee at zumba. Too much bump and grind or something. I have been icing and stretching and cursing at it in an attempt for it to be all better by tomorrow's run. Never thought cross training would be the thing to take me down.

3) While out for a site visit for work (I currently work in community development and do some inspecting of work sites and projects) I was driving along the interstate with some coworkers when there was a pretty bad crash up ahead. It involved us jumping out of the car and aiding the people, one of which had been thrown out of the car, until help arrived. People wear your seat belts please. Strap your children in and if they need to be in a car seat put them there. It is better if someone who packs 18 tiny bags for a week of house sitting doesn't have to come to your aid.

4) I lost about 10 lbs in sweat today staring at a water tank in an outlying community in 104 degree weather....in work clothes....I was not the happiest of campers. Though I may have been the sweatiest.

Yes the water tank really does exist now get me in the air conditioning before I stroke out

5) No shock here, didn't make it to muscle pump. Alert the presses to that failure. I give up. I will never ever in the history of my existence try to make it to a Thursday night fitness class ever again. At least this time I was actually physically unable to make it to class as I was still out of town when it began. 

6) I had take out tonight. Coconut curry and it was the bomb. I hate coconut, coconut flakes, coconut milk, coconut candy, German chocolate cake with its stupid little coconut flakes, but I love me some coconut curry.

7) My Running the Edge book came with the autographed Kara Goucher photo and fun gone running sign. Is 28 too old to go all giddy school girl over an autographed picture of one of your Olympic marathon heroes? Don't answer that cause I don't care.


  1. Thursday strikes again!

    I used to be a multiple small bag packer, thinking I wasn't taking as much stuff if I had small bags. I finally gave in and always bring the big bag now. I still bring too much stuff, but at least it's all in one bag.

  2. When I first incorporated cross training in to my lineup, I would always get injured! Always! It would really tick me off. I now go much slower doing certain moves. If any twisting is involved, I do the bare minimum to avoid injury! Sorry your time at the mansion is over but at least the Sister Wives season ended this week - perfect timing!


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