Blue Plate Special

Last night after my zumba class (side note: I am totally less awkward, still awkward just less, after only three classes and we had a totally great instructor today) I was so lazy that dinner looked like this.

Cottage cheese, salad and pickles. Plus I also ate cantaloupe and a fudgsicle. Oh and delicious wine. Thinking all major food groups were represented there......
Perhaps I need to get on the ball about planning out meals better or things could get ugly (or takeout/delivery heavy) around here.

I have the itch to register for a marathon again. This hit me back right before registration opened for the Marine Corp marathon and I pushed it down. But now the itch is back mostly due to this sweet little advertisement in the newest Runner's World.

I have wanted to run this race since I volunteered for it back in 2004. I feel I should just sign up already so I can stop thinking about it and get on with my life. At the same time life is up in the air so I have no idea if I will have the time or the funds to be in Monterey/Carmel, CA on April 28, 2013. Come on life, find some direction already so I can plan my race calender. I have big life plans to make such as multiple 13. 1 races and multiple medals to collect. Plus marathon attempts/ conquering (fingers crossed) to do. Plus this could be a sweet little anniversary trip since D proposed in Monterey. Go back to the scene of the crime. Hmmmm... somehting to think about and decide on by July 15th.

Before D could talk sense into me about registering for races when we don't know our future situation I registered for this on National Running Day because there was a discount. Discounts get me every time.
So if you are in the area on January 20th come run RnR Arizona with me. Or take me out for breakfast after;).

Run this morning: 4miles in 42 minutes. Rockin that 10:30 pace. Running on tired legs is hard but probably good for me. Muscle pump tonight. Whoop.


  1. I have run the RnR AZ for the past two years but in 2013, I won't be running it. Sadly, Disney moved their Tinker Bell race to be that same weekend and I'm running that, instead. I'm really bummed about missing out on AZ in 2013. But I was brainstorming the other day and think that I will make RnR AZ my first attempt at a full mary in a couple years. Maybe.

    1. Whoop full mary! That is exciting. Do you have any advice for RnR Arizona? I want to hit up a Disney race at some point. Those look like a lot of fun!

  2. Big Sur is definitely on my bucket list. DOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!

  3. Big Sur is on my list too. A group of girls I met locally are going out to run it this year, and my husband asked if that was the big race I wanted to do this year. Ummm....yes. But I'm not sure if he really meant it. It would take a lot of funds to get out there and run it. It's hard to justify that when I can run five races nearby for the same price. Ugghh. But those local races are not BIG SUR!

    1. I know what you mean, for the cost of Big Sur I could run three marathons in AZ. Not that I want to do that but still. But here I stare at cactus, there I could stare at wonderful, glorious coast line and partake in glorious seafood (after the race, not before, don't tempt fate that way).

  4. If pickles and wine are involved, I deem it a delicious meal!


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