13 Miles of Art

Run: 13 miles in 2:24
Temp when I started running at 5 am= 74 degrees and humid due to monsoon rains yesterday 
Number of hand held water bottles drank = 4
Reason I run on the Rillito River trail= water fountains
I knew things would be slow this morning due to the heat, humidity and the fact that I wanted to go so far so I grabbed my camera on the way out to keep myself entertained along the way.  I give you photos of my long run run from my neighborhood to the Rillito River trail and back.
And we are off
Cutest house in the neighborhood beside ours of course.
Heading towards the 'river'
Stop to say hello to the fish in the pond outside a business
On the river trail 
The cool thing about this route is there are a ton of I guess what would be described as public art pieces. Some really comfy concrete recliners.
Bridge art
Another bridge, more bridge art
Turn around (one of two)
Life saving water fountains along the way and bathrooms = runners paradise
Saw four lizards this morning.
More art
Look at those river rapids.

So after about ten miles I was just hot and irritated that the run was taking forever so I stopped taking pictures. This run was tough. I haven't run this far in awhile and it was pretty warm the whole way. But I did it so whoohoo.  I did notice that my legs were more achy earlier this week than last and was wondering if maybe wearing my compression socks added some extra umph to them last week. No compression socks this time seems to equal more achy legs.

Mileage for this week: 31.5 highest mileage week this year. Think it is time to drop it down a bit for next week and then onward towards higher mileage?? How to accomplish this, more days running, twice a days, longer long runs....hmmmm any advice?

Plan for this week.
Monday: xtrain am/ zumba pm
Tuesday: run 6 miles/ muscle pump
Wednesday: xtrain am/ zumba pm
Thursday: run 6 miles/ muscle pump (for real this time...fingers crossed)
Friday: Nada
Saturday: Saguaro East Loop with Erica aka the marathon slayer (I am a little scared this run is a hilly, hot 8 miles and Erica is kind of a running badass).
Sunday: Nada/ maybe xtrain

My awesome outfit after running. I think hot pink compression really adds something, as does the crazy face.
There is a little runner in you.


  1. Wow, 13 miles. That's awesome. And I love all the photos. And congrats on the highest mileage of the week so far this year. That's a lot of miles!!!

  2. Awesome job on your run! And, awesome job on your highest mileage week! That looks like a pretty sweet place to run.

    Your after-running outfit rocks!

  3. Great run in the heat! Those pictures look exactly like my marathon in Arizona, which makes sense because that's where you are.:) The scenery there is very distinct with the mountains in the backdrop. Love it.


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