What a Bust

This weekend was supposed to be all about D, graduation and fun. Instead it was about me getting admitted to the hospital. I guess I thought D was just pulling too much focus. Had to bring it on back to me.

Things started out fine. Picked up the parents-in-law, had fun at lunch and went to a friends party. But throughout the day I was feeling  kind of funny and by the time we left our friend's party I knew I had a fever. So got some thermaflu and crossed my fingers that with some rest and drugs and I would wake up all better, bright eyed and ready to scream my head off at graduation cause I am classy like that.

Didn't happen. Temp of 104, passing out and generally feeling like death meant no attending graduation for me (I made D and his parents go which he did not thank me for since he was worried about me the whole time). D got home from graduation and took me to an urgent care place who sent me to the ER when all their test came back negative except for a high white blood count. The ER was just going to give me some fluids, run a different flu test and send me back home but my heart was acting funny so into the hospital I go.

After many pokes, tests, more pokes, more test (EKGs, Echos, etc) a healthy donation of my blood and a night under observation the cardiologist decided I am fine. My heart is 'too strong' on one side (from running, I guess it is fairly common in runner and cyclists) and pumps blood to the rest of my body faster than normal so that was throwing my heart tests off. The fever was just stressing my heart out (along with the rest of my body and my entire family). The doctor said once I am better from the virus that made me sick I can get back to running.

So the awesome weekend double header of half marathons is up in the air. California is still on but I might be doing some walking, run/ walking or beach time. It depends. I hurt my neck a little when I passed out so that needs to get better before I bounce around for 26.2 miles in two days. So body listen up- you have five days to fix yourself, make the magic happen.

I was super grateful my in-laws were in town when this happened because they were able to take care of the dog children which meant D could stay with me the entire time. I was pretty scared/ stressed when they were unsure about what was going on with my heart and asking things like 'do you want to be resuscitated in the event that something happens'. HELL YES thank you very much. (It is probably standard procedure and they prefaced it with "I do not believe anything is going to happen but we have to ask", but still a little intense. Unfortunately, my apparent need to be the center of attention at all times put a damper on the festivities and their vacation.

Thank you D & my awesome in-laws for hanging with me. Especially D who never left my side and asked questions and wrote things down when I was too busy panicking and not listening and spent the night sleeping in a chair listening to heart monitors go off every 20 minutes. Now I must find a way to make up missing his graduation and forcing him to hang out in a hospital for hours on end.

Any ideas? 


  1. That is crazy! Sounds like that virus picked the worst time to invade your body. So sorry, but I'm glad you're on the upswing. Do you know your husband's love language (I find that book very interesting BTW)? If you know if or figure it out, do that!

  2. Whoa! Sorry to hear about your scary hospital stay. Glad to hear you're getting better, though.

    If you haven't popped the gigantic bottle of champagne, do that. If you did, get another!


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