Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation fun!

For memorial day my parents came to visit and it has been fun city. Lots of eating, shoe shopping and more eating. Perfect vacation.

Vacation fun in pictures:
A visit to Total Wine where we found the best vodka ever: Whipped cream. Buy some, mix with orange soda and thank me later.

Birthday shoe shopping: fun new shoes for me!

Lost of eating out and a gelato stop that resulted in a coupon for free gelato next time. Yippee

Visit to the Titan Missile Museum 

Fun not pictured:
Trip up Mount Lemmon
Grilling out
Graduation celebration dinner
A trip to Sam's club to stock up on bulk items like
I have wanted these forever and now I have them. Must label everything.
A great couple of days!

Don't forget to try for some Nuun.

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  1. I hate whipped cream. Despise it. So, I can't bring myself to try whipped cream vodka. But, I love the marshmallow vodka. Yum!

    I love the Sharpies! I didn't know they made them in that many colors.


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