Month in Review: April

Miles run : 90.6

1/2s run: 3

Medals Obtained: 4

This month I have incorporated more yoga (again) and walking as cross training.

What next?

No more races on the calender until September.

What to do? What to do?
My plan is to up the mileage, start doing some strength training, work on increasing my flexibility and get some speed. Oh and hey RnR Denver I am coming for you and I will have my under 2 hour PR. Oh yes I will have it.


  1. I love the medals with the elevation on them to show how hard you kicked butt! I'm struggling with the same dilemma -- what to do, what to do? My next race on the books is November. So far away! My current plan is to eat more chips.

  2. Nice job! Three half marathons in a month is pretty awesome.

    I'm struggling with what to do, too! I need a new challenge. My next long distance race isn't until November since Florida feels like the surface of the sun until at least September.


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