Lessons Learned from a Double Header

1) I am totally ready for a marathon (as long as there are 12 hours of down time including a good solid 8 hours of sleep in the middle of the race).
Pizza helps too
2) When planning to run two races in a row picking the hilliest most difficult race possible is probably not the greatest idea.

3) If your hip hurts before you start running 26 miles in 2 days it will still hurt, maybe even more, when you are done and hills do not help.

4) Always, always have baby wipes with you for after a race. You never know when you will be stranded on the side of a road for awhile unable to shower and still wanting to remain friends with the people who have to ride in the same car with you.

5) True friends let you wear compression gear to breakfast and don't bat an eye.

6) They will also let you drag them to race expos and drive your tired ass home for seven hours afterwards.

7) That even when I am tired and sore I can still crank out 13.1 miles and have a great time doing it.

8) PRs will probably not be made but great memories will.

9) Bringing two pair of shoes to run in is probably a good idea because hot spots will happen especially when it is humid.

10) Two medals in one weekend are way more fun than one.


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