Fanny Packs in Redondo Beach

 After I finished up my business in Irvine we headed to Redondo Beach on the 405 (which wasn't too bad though apparently it often resembles a parking lot) so I could get my race number at the Village Runner for the Palos Verdes 1/2 on Saturday. The Redondo area is so cute. After I got my number we had to eat.

We went to the Redondo Beach Brewing Company for lunch. Where I made J & B participate in a lunch time photo shoot.

J & B (thinking what did we get ourselves into)

Mmmm water- hydration is key, check out the need for a sweater. That never happens in Tucson

The food was awesome. I got shrimp tacos. Most delicious shrimp tacos I have ever had. And huge portions. After stuffing our faces we headed towards the beach to check it out. Because we live in Tucson 70 degree weather feels cold and we were freezing on the beach with the breeze. But it was really pretty. I understand why people live in tiny spaces all on top of each other to look at this everyday.

After checking out the beach and getting sand between our toes we wandered around the main street and wandered through the shops. Then I saw a sign for probiotic gellato which I had to try (for my intestinal health of course). Chocolate orange- tasted just like the chocolate oranges you get at Christmas and bust against the table to get the segments.

 The lady let me get the kid size which was nice cause I wasn't really hungry but that doesn't stop me from eating especially any sort of frozen delight.
J found a random Star Wars character and had to make-out pose with it
After we got tired of wandering we headed to the Moonlite Inn at Redondo Beach which was not awesome but was clean and there was parking so it worked.

 After napping we headed toward the pier because it was time to eat again. We wandered along the beach path and walked along the pier.

The pier was in a horseshoe shape and had lots of fisherman.

 J & B found a 16 foot shark to check out in a store. I have decided that deep sea diving, swimming in dark water or being anywhere a shark could be is out of the question. No thank you.
 For dinner we headed to Tony's on the pier where they served tiny portions of overpriced seafood. I had the salmon chowder and a salad.....and a loaf of bread (carbo loading people).

After eating we decided to wait around for the sunset so did some more shopping. We had to talk B out of this fanny pack. We threatened to leave him at the pier. 

 Of course we had to take romantic sunset pictures.
Me having a romantic moment by  myself with the sunset (miss you D)

J & B actually sharing a romantic sunset moment- ew gross knock it off you two
And then we walked by soft serve and I had to get that too. Two desserts in one day. All in the name of carbo loading and making sure I get my calcium intake. Yes that.

After eating my body weight in ice cream we headed back to the hotel so I could go to bed and wake-up early to run the 1/2.  Oh and watch HGTV of course.


  1. Love watching hotel cable! And not getting that fanny pack was a mistake.:) So the race must have been this morning? Hope it went well!


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