Cross training and Weight Loss

Lately I have been doing about zero running and a lot of other stuff. Walking, biking and lifting weights have been my exercises of choice while my hip gets better. Yesterday I went for a 3.5 mile run and my hip started hurting again after 9 days off. And I got mad. What the heck hip. I gave you time off. I have stretched and rolled and sticked and laid off pounding into the ground with high mileage. What is your problem?

And then I decided to shift focus. I have been focused solely on running for so long that I have taken on a T-Rex body type.
My legs are fairly strong but the rest of just kind of there. So maybe some cross training is what I need and instead of running 6 days a week I should cut down to 3 or 4 and focus on lifting weights, body weight training, yoga, and other exercises to be more well rounded and stronger overall and perhaps that will help me be less injury prone. Makes sense in my mind anyway.

The other focus should be on continued weight loss to get faster and relieve strain on the joints. I have kind of stalled mostly cause I like eating and hate counting calories which is the only thing that works for me. While I lost five pounds in the hospital (and gained 3 back) I would like a less dramatic way to lose weight. So hello spread sheet calorie counting and measuring stuff out. This morning I started strong.
Egg, whole wheat toast with PB and homemade jam and fruit salad in the happy bowl. Ignore the scotch and champagne in the background. 
And because I thought it was hilarious
Good luck Erica at RnR San Diego! You are gonna kill it!
Get some Nuun


  1. I love that last motivational poster! What can we pause to stare at at the gym? I need to make one for that. Counting calories feels very difficult, but if it gets you results, it's worth it. My husband had an app that he used for a while that worked really well for him.


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