Are you freakin kidding me?

It was like the universe was out to tick me off today.

Scenario 1: I lost my SS card. It has gone to the place where the one sock that is always missing from the dryer   lives or something. So I need a new one. No big deal. Located necessary documents, fill out the form before going to the office, feeling pretty smug that I will be in and out because I am uber prepared. DEAR GOD. Every resident in Tucson was in that tiny office. And so I waited and waited and waited and waited...... and then there was a bomb threat. Yes a BOMB Threat. We had to evacuate the building. People were getting irate. I couldn't handle it so I just left. How necessary is that stupid card? Next time I will be more prepared. Beverage, snacks, books, etc. This is how the government punishes you for losing that stupid little card made out of paper. Agh.

Scenario 2: I decide I must paint the bedroom. It must happen like yesterday. I head to Ace. Obtain necessary items. Clear out room. Wipe down walls and baseboards. Vacuum. Wipe down baseboards again. Painters tape won't stick.

Seriously. That tape is total BS. It has never ever worked well. Frog, blue, magic million dollar painters tape. It is all s#%t. 
But that room was painted. Just don't look at the baseboards. 


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