Who wears short shorts?

Why am I making you look at this random crotch shot of me that is of amazing quality (Bean's blog: bringing you quality photos since 2011)? Because these shorts used to not fit. And now they do. I went running in them and they were fine and they have been sitting in the bottom of a drawer for awhile now waiting for my vow to fit into them again one day to come true. Cue happy dance.
Guess who figured out how to put gifs in her blog? ME
Run this morning: 3.1 miles in 31.43/ 10:08 avg mile

This morning I made egg cupcakes.

They tasted pretty good but were kind of a lot of work for baked eggs with stuff in it.
6 eggs
sauteed onions, squash, garlic, jalapeno
cooked bacon pieces
then just combine and ladle into paper linings in a muffin pan and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. They would be a fun dish to make if you were having people over for breakfast or brunch and you could make them healthier by omitting the bacon. But where is the fun in that. 


  1. Those muffins look DELICIOUS. I wish I didn't hate cooking, or I knew someone that LOVED to cook.

  2. Hooray for fitting into old clothes! I love winning that game! Congrats! Those egg muffin things look amazing... I might have to give them a try when I'm not being super lazy.


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