This week....

is the Havasu Half on Saturday!
So I am going to stop upping the mileage in an attempt to rest up and maybe try for a PR. I commit to nothing. There is no elevation chart for this race so I am assuming it is fairly flat never know.

Mon: stretch/yoga
Tues: 5 mile speed work
Wed:rest or x-train
Thurs: 3 miles easy
Fri: Off
Saturday: Run over the London Bridge! 13.1
Sunday: shuffle around Lake Havasu sightseeing
London Bridge
Last week was my highest mileage week this year. I ran 27.1 miles. Usually I run between 15 and 21 miles. Happy that I am slowly moving towards my goal of 30+ miles a week.
Last week:
Mon: 3miles
Tue: 5 miles of speedwork on the river trail
Wed: xtrain-walked dogs
Thurs: 6 miles
Fri: 3 mile walk with dogs
Sat: 3.1 miles
Sun: 10 miles
My next goal will be to extend the long runs past the 13 mile mark but we will see how quickly that happens.


  1. Nice work on the 27.1! Farthest I've gone is 10, but I'm working on it ;) And how lucky to run across the London Bridge! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Nice work on the 27.1, beast lady!!

  3. I just found your blog and look forward to reading more. Congrats on the great weekly mileage!

  4. Flat race = great PR potential! Good luck!


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