March Madness Recap

Okay so there wasn't really much madness going on this month. Actually pretty tame.
Monthly mileage equaled 64.5 miles, a little on the low side but I did take some time to rest after running a gazillion (3) 1/2s in February. I have started incorporating speedwork once a week (I have done it twice but still think it deserves a round of applause).

I have run 212.6 miles since January 1st. I have also tried to incorporate more days of running and slowly up my weekly mileage. I would eventually like to be in the 30 miles per week range but want to take it slow since increasing intensity with speedwork (okay quicker plodding) with more miles seems like a recipe for injury and me being stuck spinning. I am also teaching myself to not hate the treadmill. That is slow going.

I ran one half this past month the Arizona Distance Classic in 2:14 and obtained one medal.
On the agenda for April:
Lake Havasu Half, Horsetooth Half, and Mount Lemmon Half in that order. So over the London bridge and then run up a few mountains.

I want to continue working on speed and increasing mileage in a way that doesn't result in a fail.

On the weight loss front, nothing to report, nothing lost and nothing gained. I have decided to get back to calorie counting again. Ugh I hate it so much but it is the only way I can lose weight and probably the best way not to re-gain weight.

On the Agenda for this week:
Mon: 3 miles (done in 30 minutes)
Tues: death by treadmill= 5 miles
Wed: Rest day
Thurs: 6 miles
Fri: Cross train
Sat: 3 miles
Sun: 8 miles
Last week I cut out my Sunday run because I felt so sore and tired. Hoping this week I am a little tougher and have adjusted the schedule to have only five days of running instead of six. Six seemed a little too much for me to handle just yet.


  1. its smart to listen to your body and work your way up to increasing mileage. Last year I went from consistently doing 60 miles/ month, to then one month suddenly doing 100--- GOT.INJURED. Definitely listen to your body


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