Havasu Half Goals

Saturday is the

so I need some goals besides stay upright and don't die (though these goals may reappear when I run the Horsetooth 1/2 and the Mount Lemmon 1/2).

As always drinking while trying to run or move forward at a rapid pace without drowning, choking or soaking anyone but myself seems like a good goal to keep. I have conquered taking a gel while running pretty well so at least I can feed myself in motion I guess. The weather currently forecasts a low of 57 and a high of 72, so potential for perfect running weather for the 7:30 a.m. though I guess it will be a little on the warmer side but I have been running around that time while training (on purpose of course not because I am too lazy to get out of bed earlier or the fact that I refuse to leave the house without sipping my cup of coffee).

 I have been training hard and even doing speed work once a week the last two weeks (though today's 5 mile speed work turned into a regular run after my shines were aching. The last thing I need right now is shin splints with three weekends of back to back halves). So perhaps I should try for a PR. The course is probably fairly flat, or at least more flat than the Lost Dutchman when I last tried to PR. And lets be honest if it is going to happen before next fall this is the race. The two half marathons after this involve mountains and uphill which = walking. Okay drum roll please:

Goal A: Lets do this...PR.... under 2:07 
Goal B: Run hard, but consistent under 2:10
Goal C: This is hillier, hotter, I tripped, I fell off the bridge, I was a mental turd and wasn't feeling it, my shins hurt, my legs hurt, my ears hurt from all my own whining, I got distracted by something shiny, finish in under 2:15 

Excited for this weekend!


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