Fun in London

no not the real London. The little fake London Lake Havasu City has near the London Bridge. After recovering from our runs, D and I headed out to explore the London Bridge at a slower pace. D challenged me to think of a song with the word London in it. I came up with children's London Bridge falling down song, he came up with Fergie's London Bridge. Hilarious.

London Bridge Visitor Center

There wasn't much going on since it is the off season at the lake and the weather was cool, windy and a little rainy still. 

Me in a phone booth. Ummm no reason

London Bridge

After thinking about how ridiculous and smart it was on the part of the people of London to sell an old bridge to a gullible (or history lover depending on your view) American who then took it apart piece by piece (labeling all the pieces of course) and then rebuilt it in AZ we decide it was time to eat again. Plus I was getting cranky hungry so D agreed to tame the beast and we headed to the other brewery in town, Barley Brothers.
D got another sampler, and I got their version of berry flavored beer. Both got a thumbs up.

I devoured a Hawaiian calzone and felt less angry and much happier (see below).
Happy calzone face
After that we drove around the town a bit and looked at the ridiculous houses that had giant garages for boats but tiny actual house to live in parts. Wish I had thought to take a picture. I did remember to get a fun souvenir, a pint glass for our collection from the brewery. Score.

Workout Plan for this week:
Monday: Yoga (my legs hurt)
Tuesday: 5 miles (maybe speed, maybe not depending on how much my butt hurts)
Wednesday: yoga/ stretching
Thursday: 6 miles easy
Friday: maybe an easy 3 if can get up early enough (get to head to CO today!)
Saturday: do nothing but have fun with sister/ stretch & use the stick
Sunday: Horsetooth Half/ face stuffing with family/ travel back to AZ


  1. How weird to have a fake London. And before I even looked at your songs, those were the first two I immediately thought of.

    P.S. I watched 50/50 and loved it. Cried like a tiny baby at the end. I want more of your movie reviews!!

  2. Yeah it was all a little strange. I will get to watchin more movies, twist my arm;)


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