Appropriate Goal Setting for Mountain Climbing

What is the appropriate goal to set for a half marathon finish time when the first two miles of the race involve going straight uphill?
Tricky Horsetooth 1/2, tricky. 

I ran this in 2006 in 2:29:52 (first half marathon for me). So maybe I will try to beat my old time. This time around I am in better running shape but will be running hills and there is elevation involved so we will see how it goes. And of course no dying, no falling off the dam we cross and no rolling down the mountain are good goals as well. Never underestimate my ability to be a klutz.

Excited for half # 14. Almost halfway to my goal of 30 before 30.


  1. wow good luck with the horsetooth- i remember reading rebecca W's recap on this last year and it didn't look easy (or fun)--- nice to have a good challenge

    1. Thanks! That is funny. I actually read her review today and was like 'what am I thinking'. Hoping weather stays nice and it isn't windy.

  2. Yikes! That looks tough, but I know you'll rock it!

  3. That is crazy hill action! I would just try to beat my time from last year in a race like that. The good news is you get some downhill too!

    1. Here is hoping that the downhill will make up for my 15 min/miles for the first few miles:)


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