Selling Out & Celebrating

Run Tuesday: 6 miles in 1:01
Run Thursday: 6 miles in 1:02
Leg feels better with new shoe inserts whoohooo. I need to pay more attention to the mileage on my shoes and inserts. So happy to be running again.

Today I tried to set up an Adsense account for the blog. I don't quite understand how it works (too many words, so lazy) but from what I read it appears if someone clicks on an ad on your sight you get paid some amount of money. Seems like a win to me. I don't expect more than a check for 30 cents every six months but every little bit helps this 'starving' (so not starving) graduate student or more likely helps to fund the next half marathon. So if the selling out offends any of my 12 readers I apologize and as always am open to donations to fund future half marathons/ purchasing of running gear. Or if it is to your liking, click on an ad when they are up so I can start rolling around in the dough coming in from all the advertising profits. I kind of have this dream that the first large paycheck (as in more than $600) I get after I am done with school I am going to cash in for ones and throw it in the air and roll around in it. In reality money is super dirty and disgusting and picking all that up just seems like too much work plus direct deposit gets in the way. Oh well. It seems super fun in my mind.

Now on to the celebrating. The spousal unit an I have legally been in wedded bliss for six years as of today so that calls for a celebration. I will demonstrate my love to D through food and drink.
I bought the fancy champagne. Instead of the normal four dollar pink stuff. So high class.

I am baking him his favorite cake- white cake with white frosting
 The dinner menu consists of pork loin with red potato salad with dill

Fingers crossed that turns out delicious. Or I will be demonstrating my love through ordering take out.

Love you D! Thanks for being the best husband ever and I look forward to many more years together.

How do you all celebrate special occasions? 


  1. Ha I would so click on an Ad for you right now... but i don't see any :(


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