Quick & Easy

Today I woke up and was planning to run three miles. But my legs were sore and I was exhausted so I decided to skip it. I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy and can not put it down. Pure awesomeness. Twilight can suck it. Hunger Games is where it is at (yes I am 13 years old on the inside, thanks for noticing). Apparently staying up till midnight reading and then trying to get up at 6a.m. to run doesn't work too well. Huh who'd a thunk.

This afternoon I headed up to Oro Valley to pick up my race packet for
It was being held at All About Running and Walking
It was very small, no swag or booths. Just numbers and shirts. I had never been to this running store but it was nice on the inside. Quick and easy to get my stuff.

Short Sleeve

Nice shirts and a cute gear check bag for everyone and personalized bibs. They also supposedly had race hats for sale though I never saw them. I am looking forward to doing a race close to home this time!


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