Marathon Madness

One of my favorite ways to waste pass the time is to read other runner's blogs. Some of the blogs I read....they are just amazing. Million mile training weeks, marathons every other day, and in no way am I exaggerating. Okay so marathons every other weekend but still there are some pretty amazing runners out there. All of this reading about others training and running marathons has made me lose my mind more motivated and now I want to run a marathon. I almost signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon on a whim. I have visited the Richmond Marathon website 3 times in the last two days. I viewed the course video of the San Fran. marathon. And I want to do them all.

So why have I not signed up......cause I am afraid. The last time I was training for a marathon I broke myself. And it is just so far and so much running.
Plus I gotta finish 30 before turning 30. If I end up broken again that could severely hamper my half marathon goals.

But even knowing that I still kind of want to do it. So after some serious research (okay I googled low mileage marathon training and found this training plan) I think I found a plan I can follow and 'train' for a marathon. But I am not ready to commit.

Not ready to hand over any money or pick a place I want to plod 26.2 miles through. But I am ready to build up my mileage which will also help me with my half marathon goal of running one under 2 hours. So I kicked off my up the mileage maybe do a marathon in the nearer future training plan with a 2.5 mile training run today (2.5 miles in 24:15). This training plan has me running more days than I am used to so I will have to restrain myself and ease into it.

The plan for the rest of the week is:
Speed work tomorrow (this might involve a treadmill.....shiver)
Off on Wednesday
6 miles on Thursday
3 miles on Friday
Off Saturday
Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon Sunday
Distance goal for this week: 28 miles

and to conclude I leave you with this:


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