I do what I want

Today after spending a lifetime and a half (okay 60 minutes) on the elliptical I decided that a trip to Target was in order. I have school work to do and class prep to get done, but ever since finishing my PhD exams I have been pretty lazy when it comes to responsibilities and all about just doing what I want to do. Eventually I will have to buckle down I guess but it is hard considering next week is Spring Break, it is 80 degrees out and I am currently the world's biggest slacker.

Anyways Target. I love Target. I want to give Target all my money in exchange for trendy scarves and cute tote bags. But today I only got the essentials.....
Toning bands to strengthen the hips and calves. Left leg you will get better.

Baseball. I read an article in Runner's World that Sara Hall uses a baseball or a lacrosse ball to roll out her muscles. Supposedly works better than a tennis ball so I thought I would give it a try. She is an infinitely better runner than me so it must be true. Plus Max doesn't lose his mind over baseballs like he does tennis balls so maybe this ball will not disappear to wherever he hoards them.

Fun nail polish, because it was 97 cents and colors are fun.

Tank tops. So I got the purple one to go with my black running skirt and the black one to go with my new pink running skirt I got for $20 from running warehouse. The sign says 7.99 the receipt says 12.99. Why Target? Why can you never put the correct crap under the correct sign. Oh well. They are super comfy and considering it is March 6th and supposed to be 85 degrees today pretty necessary. 
Now on to perhaps do some work.........yeah maybe.


  1. Fun nail polish! And, I don't blame you for doing whatever you want after PhD exams (and after spending 60 (!!!) minutes on the elliptical).

  2. Ouch, a baseball??? Read my post manana and you'll see why that makes me cringe! :)


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