After much thought and deliberation I have registered for the Horsetooth Half Marathon in Ft. Collins CO in April.

Just kidding.
From thought to ticket buying about half a day passed. This morning  I thought hey I want to go visit my sister, wonder if there are any halves I could knock out in the process. One in April great. Ring  ring, hello this is your sister I am coming to visit. Sister: um okay. Me: Buy ticket. Done & done. 

Super excited to see my sister. Less excited to actually run up the hills at high altitude but it will be good prep for Mt. Lemmon the next weekend. That's right the next weekend. And the weekend before this is the Havasu Half with the hubby. Three in a row baby. Maybe I should consider joining the Half Fanatics. Pretty sure I qualify.


  1. Pretty awesome name! Less awesome that it involves hills and high altitude. But you're a rock star, so you'll rock it.

  2. Way to go! You are definitely in for a brutal race, not gonna lie!! If I remember correctly, my friend told me that half was the hardest she has ever done :) But, I know you are gonna ROCK IT!


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